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Weird bug

Level 2

I have had my oculus for a decent amount if time  and recently all of my games had just disappeared. My app had still registered that they had been purchased and they were in the headsets purchase history. However when I went to re download them, the headset was asking me to re purchase them. I had rebooted power cycled and even factory reset. Around the third week my friend gave me a call and said the same thing had happend to him so he tried to boot a game from app and that it had worked. I would suggest trying that. I didn't get the chance to do that because when I had turned mine on to give it a shot everything was back. A couple of my friends have had little bugs where the games don't appear and all you have to do is push the power button twice. I would suggest trying to boot the games from your app and seeing if thay helps before doing a factory reset.