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What is the expected turnaround time for a broken Elite Strap?

Level 2

I'm just a bit curious what others have experienced for a turnaround time on getting a replacement Elite strap. I finally had my strap, that was pre-ordered, bite the dust. So I put in a warranty request. 
I'm asked for what I guess is the norm: Proof of purchase, a picture of the break, user name for the Oculus account, where I want the shipping label emailed to, serial number on the strap or the serial number of my Quest 2. 

After supplying that info the next day I get a message saying that they have the information and they need to "investigate further". 

Two days later I get an email saying that I should get a shipping label in about 3 business days. Then after they get the broken strap (who knows how long it will take to get to them) a replacement will be sent out about 5 business days later. 


So I'm looking at one week down just exchanging emails. I'll get a shipping label sometime next week. Oculus will get my broken strap sometime in week number 3 and they will ship my replacement sometime in week number 4. 


Is this normal? I could see if they were sending it outside of the U.S. But I'm in Iowa for goodness sake. 


Level 3

I raised my ticket on the 19th of March, got asked for roughly the same details as you, and I'm still waiting for a response. They've also ignored any follow-up emails so far.

Level 2

BTW in case anyone is interested... I'm still waiting on a replacement.