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What's the point of buying a Rift S?

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...when the Quest already functions as one and can also run certain games on the go when you're not around your PC?

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This has been discussed a zillion times on this forum and Reddit.  If you want the very best PCVR you should buy a dedicated PCVR headset like the Rift S.  If you want something that can play standalone mobile VR and has the versatility to run pretty good PCVR then the Quest is a good choice imho.  If you want the best of each, buy both.  That’s what I did, lol!
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by the time you can use the quest effectively as a pcvr you've probably spent as much as a proper pcvr headset + an upgrade for the pc, or a higher tier pcvr headset

the quest is quite good but ngl it was just the only thing at a reasonable price at the peak of the quarantine, that would get to me in 1 day

waiting on that index....
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To the OP, have a look for Rift-S and Quest reviews and comparisons on the forum. Here's a typical thread that includes my opinion:

There are plenty of different opinions but if I were you I'd look for the thoughts of people who have tried both headsets so you can decide on the corresponding merits.

In short, it depends a lot on what you intend to do with the headset, if you think you'll want it entirely (or almost entirely) for PCVR gaming then Rift-S is definitely the one to go for, it's way more comfortable and I find the colours a little less fluorescent and slightly higher refresh rate of the LCD display more comfortable on the eyes for long periods.

If you think you'll be playing plenty of untethered VR (which is super fun), together with your PCVR gaming, then Quest is the answer. Also, Quest is much better for movie/netflix watching or VR browsing on the sofa as it lets you rest your head back (I just find it uncomfortable for long sessions of gaming because it's less balanced and presses against your face much more).

I'm another one that bought both and use them both a lot but in very different ways. If your budget is for one headset, you'll have to decide what your priorities are and particularly what games and apps you think you'll be playing it's not a clear answer.

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Normally I would just prefer the dedicated PCVR headset, but there are problems I had with the Rift S, I ended up returning mine. Hated the black levels was the big one. Didn't like the halo strap either. It all felt too bulky. Then they announced link for the Quest. It was a no brainer at that point. Apparently it was for many others, because that's when the shortages started.