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What's wrong with my Mixed Reality Capture?

Level 2


I'm trying to set up mixed reality but I can't figure out where it's going wrong.

I followed the tutorials and downloaded all the proper MRC software. Every step worked and I'm not sure how I could have a more accurate calibration phase. Nonetheless, it looks like this:



MRC fail.png



It looks like the foreground barely even loads and stops at the edge of the headset. It's also twisted in a weird direction.


Does anyone have any ideas for how I could fix this?


Level 2

I am sorry I have no solutions to offer yet... I wanted to follow this since I am preparing to start streaming VR next week.  

This looks like an issue that I might also encounter. Thanks for sharing! Hopefully, we get some helpful responses soon! 

Level 9

It looks like it might be a similar reason for why there's a bit of distortion when using the Quest's pass-through cameras.

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