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When is Quest 2 coming to Romania, or how can I get it.

Level 3

I'm interested in buying a Quest 2, but unfortunately Oculus does not ship to Romania.
What are other ways i can buy it?

Level 2
yea that's what i was wondering too i'm still waiting for it to be shipped in Romania and where can i buy it for the same price as here in other places they charge 3000 RON for the oculus quest 2...

Level 6
Oculus does not ship to Singapore also, but Amazon does ship to Singapore so I bought my Quest2 from Amazon US. Not sure whether Amazon ship this to Romania

Level 2
i found a way you can ship everywhere using big apple buddy   the transport its only 21$ dollars

Level 4
I got mine shipped from amazon uk, i paid around 1800 lei for it, right now they dont have the 64gb version in stock anymore, just the 256gb
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Level 2
Hello everyone. I live in the USA.
I just purchased the 256 GB Oculus Quest 2 on Amazon US, and they shipped it to my niece in Romania.
Amazon charges $33 USD shipping (poșta) and another $82 USD for Romanian Customs Fee (vamă)
The 256 GB Oculus Quest 2 is $399 USD
I paid a total of $513.50 USD, including shipping and customs.
Purchased November 15, to be delivered in Constanța by December 11