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Where Quest 2 controller deadzone data is stored?

Level 4

I am struggling with my right controller's trigger a for a while. I am from Hungary, so no official support from oculus. I made some measurements, and the problem seems to be that when I depress the trigger all the way it only registers about 30% the raw value, making this controller useless, when navigating game menus, or using guns this issue is also visible in the menu, where if you  take a look at your hand, the trigger only pushes in a bit.

During the last OTA update, the issue seemed to be resolved for a while. In the menu the trigger was working perfectly, triggering clicks, and visually depressed all the way in menu (physically there is absolutely no issue with the unit, it is exactly the same as the left one). After a while I launched super hot, and the trigger calibration was back where it used to be. rendering the right trigger useless for navigating som games.

I wonder where the calibration data for the controllers is stored, so I could remove it. I tried all the classics, removing the battery, unpairing the controller, factory reset the headset, nothing seem to work.


I looked at the root filesystem, but couldn't find anything obviously controller related in any of the /etc dirs.