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Which Oculus Link Cable with Acer Laptop?

Level 3

Hey all,

So I'm new to VR and this will be my first time owning a headset. My quest 2 is coming in Wednesday and I want to be able to use Oculus Link with my computer. I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-51. My laptop meets all the specs, but I'm lost when it comes to which cable to get. I have a USB type C port as well as a USB 3.0, but I'm not sure which generation the type C is. I believe I read that only gen 2 type C supports video? Could have been misinformed. I want the best latency reduction possible and I don't want to drop money on the type c cable unless I know for sure that my laptop can both charge and display video through the port. Can anyone give me some advice or an alternate suggestion? Thanks everyone! Glad to be joining the community finally! 


Level 5

connector/port type and cable capabilities aren't directly linked.  i'm using a third party anker cable.  only £18, which compared to the official £80 is a bargain!  its got a usb-c connector for the quest end, and a usb type-a connector for the pc end.  i've even now got an L shaped usb-c adapter for the quest end, so the cable is now dressed better to velco to the headset.  seems to work fine and no problems introduced.  used with two different PCs and a quest 1 and a quest 2.  the pc end of my cable is in a usb u3.2 and 3.1 gen2 capable port on the motherboard.  


if you read this forum you'll see no end of people with issues with various pc/laptop and the cable to their quest.  there is lots of should work, but doesn't!  

Thanks for the response! Where did you purchase your anker cable from? And have you any latency issues? I've got motion sickness, which is why I want to minimize latency as much as possible while I work up a tolerance to being in VR.

Level 5

Mine came from

got two of them.  used with...

first with a higher spec (x570 chipset and 32GB RAM) pc and the quest 1

second with a slightly lower spec (b550 chipset and 16GB RAM) pc and the quest 2.

no latency issues for me.  both machines have a ryzen 3600 cpu and a GTX1660 super gfx card.  both use a NVMe drive.  no hdd or ssd.


Well, I’ve been enjoying my quest 2 so far without major issues! Always looking to upgrade the experience, though. For some reason, the oculus app won’t let me up the refresh rate from 72 Hz even with a USB-C cable. It’s telling me that I need a USB 3.0 to upgrade refresh rate. Know of any workarounds?