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White horizontal stripe across screen while using link

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Headset seems to work fine stand-alone.  I use the headset with IRacing, and often (not always) get a translucent horizontal stripe across the screen after about 15 minutes or so.  It doesn't feel like the headset is overheating.  This doesn't show up on the screen mirror on PC, or if I "mirror" with the debug tool.  Is this likely a failing display or is there somewhere else I should look?
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Try encode resolution 4032? I don't have this problem on 3664.

Level 2

Same issue on my 1080 laptop with quest 2. 

Level 2

I have the same problem with artifacting (usually when my performance is poor, but also when it is great). I have litterally tried everything. I have narrowed the problem down to the oculus quest 2 headset, because I have updated and tested almost every part of my pc and cable (also tried another cable). I have been in weeks long correnspondence with oculus support and we have no idea what to do about it.

I am now going to hand in my headset and get another, but from the comments I have read here i am afraid it won't help. I hope they we/oculus will soon find a fix.


BTW, I had some performance issues even with my i7-9700k and 3080. I solved this with going into the taskmanager and setting the priority of "OSRServer_x64.exe" to "high" instead of "normal" this gave me an increased performance of double to even triple performace! Hope this helps some of you 🙂


Level 5

I got now. This problem still there. What are you doing, Oculus?

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"encode resolution width" was set to 4000 in oculus debug tool (for me at least, idk if this is default but i dont recall ever changing it)

i set this to 0 and now the stupid line/stripe thing appears to be gone.

0 is 3664 in most cases. And we could use 4080 without the problem in previous versions. But currently Link doesn't work even on 4050 (limit is around 4030). There is also a bug that the setting value & actual value don't match.

Level 2

This issue is linked to the link cable. They are doing nothing about it. I was getting it all the time over a multitude of games. With the introduction of ariplay this problem has not occured once at all on any game. The headset has been spot on with only the battery being the weak link.


The only game I have not had a white line link cable issue with was Half life. Could it be the headset not being compatible with games that support normal and VR perhaps?


Tonight I turned on Automobolista 2 on the link cable and I got 1/4 lap into race and suddenly the display turns to horse sh*t again. They clearly are not doing anything about this when the issue has been apparent online for about 8 months.


2080ti, i9-10900k, 32gb all drivers up to date.

Level 2

I'm seeing this white bar after 5 minutes of playing ACC or Dirt Rally 2.0 using a link cable (don't have a problem with the original AC) that gets larger with time.


I contacted the Oculus support and they took me through some steps (update drivers, factory reset etc)  but none worked so they asked me to return the headset and get a replacement. The replacement has arrived but I'm still seeing the same white bar as before when using the link cable. 


I've contacted the support again and it looks like they might be gearing up to ask me to return the new headset for another one again. Has anyone has any luck with getting a new headset and not seeing this problem or am I going to keep sending headsets back for no reason?

I returned one to Amazon and bought a new one at Best Buy and it did the exact same thing. 

Level 4

You can change your headset as many times as you want, it won't change the problem.
Wonder what they are doing, Oculus is laughing at their customers by not doing anything to fix this.
It's to wonder if they don't want to force us to use air link, which I don't want to do for simracing because the rendering is less good, there is latency, and it drains the battery too much quickly.
They sold me an official Oculus cable for 100€, I want to use it, they have trouble understanding it.
I'm really starting to lose my patience and I'm wondering if it's not time to take collective action to wake them up, broadcast videos on the internet, etc ... in order to do some well-deserved publicity.
They bring lots of improvements which is great, it is really incomprehensible that this problem has not been solved for a long time !