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Why can't we play lone echo on our quest headsets?

Level 2
My girl and I are not developers. We are typical consumers who have spent a great deal of money, time and effort in order to do ONE thing.....Play Lone Echo on OUR quest headsets. 
We thought once we bought the link and the special cables and the high speed router we would have a chance. We followed the instructions. We've read all the suggestions..We are unable to get lone echo to play our quest headsets. Is there anyone out there who can provide us a ' first do this - then do that ' set of instructions..We are not having problems with other rift games...just Lone plays on the PC but will not show on either of our headsets.

Level 8

You should submit a support ticket here:

Or you can even chat live. Just click "click here" to submit a ticket, then click the speech bubble. But you may have to wait a minute for a response.

I hope you get it sorted. Lone Echo is an awesome game.