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Why cant we close the big menu?

Level 2

Why are so many obvious quality of life features lacking on the quest 2. For example I want to just sit in my chair and enjoy the aurora borealis in the Dome environment. Can't do that. Once you open anything from the little menu bar. You have a massive uncloseable big menu that can only be changed. You literally can't even move it. Just the little menu.


This is so obvious and from a programmers perspective could be solved in 5 minutes.


There's alot of problems that need to be worked on but right now this is my biggest complaint and my only intention in posting this is hopefully the right person sees this and passes it along to someone involved in the OS development.  


Why is it that Netflix resolution is trash. Why I can through VR desktop and a Mozilla plug in, get a better experience at a higher resolution and watch it in a movie theater,  or a really cool city apartment. Develop more high quality environments. I'd literally spend money like 5$ a piece for environments of equal quality to what exists. Im probably not the only one. Occulus should have 0 competition from VR desktop on environments but unfortunately it does. 


Machine learning could be used to train on pre-made data sets and rooms to use a neural network to map your whole house into a virtual environment simply from the camera data and walking through it. Then you could allow users to throw up pictures or put windows in and transport the house to the mountains or a tropical island etc etc. Give them VR toys to play with. The app for this on sidequest is trash 100%. And imagine all the personal data you could collect about the users for marketing and advertising purposes in the process? FB loves this kind of stuff. Seems like a win.


Long winded post but really Why can't we move the giant menu or close it? I can't be the only one that thinks this is an obvious thing to fix and pretty stupid it got missed or was ever decided to be that way on purpose.