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Why does Link use toooooo much VRAM compared to Virtual Desktop?

Level 5

Link uses 1.5-2GB or more (at render resolution 5408x2736 + encode width 3664).

Link uses 3GB with dash menu. 🙄

VD uses only 400MB at Ultra setting.

VR games use much VRAM. Therefore, Link's VRAM usage has a huge impact.

And what will Oculus do when the resolution of Link increases in the future?

If they don't increase encoding width, the improvement of image quality will be very limited.

But VRAM usage increases drastically as encode width increases on Link.

When encode width reaches 5000 (about 1:1 resolution for Pro?), we may use 3GB just by launching Link. ‌😩

I don't understand the difference... why does Link uses tooooo much VRAM?