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Why doesn't the Quest desktop software work with a 1650 TI card?

Level 4
I get an error message saying my graphics card is not supported by Oculus, so I can't use the link cable.  It also won't let me download any games.  I thought the 16XX cards were supported according to their requirements?  Yet my old 1060 desktop card works fine and scores a 33K on Geekbench 5 Open CL, while my 1650 TI scores 41K on the same test.  I guess I can continue buying games off of Steam since they all run fine with my 1650TI.  They even download without any problems while Oculus doesn't let me.  I don't understand why Oculus doesn't work with my card since it's obviously capable.

Level 2
Nice, I have exactly the same problem with my gtx 1650 ti. I think Oculus should put the card on the compatibility list, since I am also able to play Half Life Alyx at 90 fps. I travel a lot for work and am therefore also dependent on my Dell 9500 for gaming.

Hey! I know this post was a long time ago, but I was wondering how PC VR has been working for you with a GTX 1650 Ti? I have the same GPU and a similar setup, and am on the fence about getting a Quest 2. My purchase depends on being able to play SteamVR and/or Rift Library games from my laptop using Virtual Desktop, but everyone I've asked has said that my GPU will NOT WORK WELL at all. Is this the case for you? I'm not a picky gamer and will always lower settings for smooth gaming everyday, so pixel count and lighting effects don't really deal break for me, but I really do prefer smoother games especially with VR. What have your thoughts been with the laptop setup? I'm also worried about latency since I don't have an ethernet port on my laptop for Virtual Desktop.

Hey! You were able to play Half-Life Alyx at 90 FPS with a 1650 TI? I have a 1650 Ti now and am on the fence about getting it due to me wanting to use it for PC VR games like Skyrim and Minecraft but I've heard that the 1650 Ti isn't powerful enough even with Virtual Desktop. I guess you are proof that this claim is false as long as you don't care to play at High or Ultra settings. Do you know if there are still issues playing games from the Rift Library with Virtual Desktop? I'm worried that if I got a Quest 2 I'd be restricted to JUST Steam VR