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Why doesn't the Quest desktop software work with a 1650 TI card?

Level 4
I get an error message saying my graphics card is not supported by Oculus, so I can't use the link cable.  It also won't let me download any games.  I thought the 16XX cards were supported according to their requirements?  Yet my old 1060 desktop card works fine and scores a 33K on Geekbench 5 Open CL, while my 1650 TI scores 41K on the same test.  I guess I can continue buying games off of Steam since they all run fine with my 1650TI.  They even download without any problems while Oculus doesn't let me.  I don't understand why Oculus doesn't work with my card since it's obviously capable.

Level 2
Nice, I have exactly the same problem with my gtx 1650 ti. I think Oculus should put the card on the compatibility list, since I am also able to play Half Life Alyx at 90 fps. I travel a lot for work and am therefore also dependent on my Dell 9500 for gaming.