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Wifi Booster ??

Level 2

So, I get a newly refurbished oculus quest 2 after sending mine to get checked.  But, it almost seems like the same one! The os "IS" running better, but still not getting the best video quality . I am wandering if it is my wifi. 


Does anyone know if a wifi booster would improve speed and bandwidth to the oculus? I have a wifi modem, and I am always 4 feet from it. So, I don't understand why even with a refurbished replacement model, I am no longer getting the best resolution in vidoes? even in oculus tv videos, they don't seem to be as sharp and clear as I recall when I first got my oculus 2. Unless I wrecked my eyes.... 


also, I created a dedicated 5 ghz signal to my oculus coming from my wifi modem. 


thanks for any help or advice.