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Windows 11 and Oculus Link

Level 3

Sent in some information to Support during the initial insider program period. Kinda bummed this still exists on a public release of Windows 11 (10.0.22000.282). The VR Compositor seems to miss a lot of frames, and that correlates to the variable choppiness of what you end up seeing in your HMD. Unfortunately, there seems to be no workarounds or fixes, FB Technologies has had time to iron out these issues during the initial insider program period (for 22000 builds in the dev channel).

--Marsygote, not an employee, only an enthusiast

Level 2

you also can't get your second monitor displayed in VR environment. All you get is a black window for non main display 

Level 4

It only works if the dialog window is in focus and it only fixes some performance issues. As soon as you need to click on something in game, like iRacing, you start dropping frames and get stutters. Also that doesn't fix the problem with not being able to display second monitor in VR environment

Level 4

i wrote workaround, not FIX! 🙄
For a fix, we'll have to walt for a Win11 compatible Oculus app. Thats clear 😉

Well yes, my bad. Still it doesn't change the fact that the workaround doesn't work in all games