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Wrong facebook account

Level 2

i reset my quest 2 and when i went on my phone to set it back up my account was unmerged so i went to merge it back and it was the wrong facebook account and i have bought alot of games on my oculus account so i can't just delete it how can i change my facebook account linked to my oculus


Level 2

I have a Quest and had different circumstances, but same the same problem....linked to wrong account (with different email) no apps/games.


Anyway....I am at work now, so I cant really check....but on saturday I had a "bricked" headset because it linked to facebook that didnt have my registered email address.

I searched all over the internet...many people had the same problem, but no solution!

I took a support ticket and wrote my problem...and today when I logged in here to check any replies to my post, it changed and it was written that it will use my oculus email (I just need to check it tonight to be sure) but it seems like oculus support fixed the problem.

So, your best bet is to contact support and'll save a lot of time reading unhelpful or misinformed replies because only they can fix it...there is no workaround