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XBOX controller and airlink

Level 2


I can't connect my xbox controller with airlink to play games like star wars squadron.

it looks like the bluetooth doesn't work when i use airlink. and it doesn't work with link too 

I use virtual desktop and it works well.

Somebody else has this trouble?


Level 12

pair your controller with the computer, not the headset.

Thank you but i usually play downstair and my computer is upstair... then I can only play with controller paired with my headset

Pair with PC is the only way with Link. I can only use the paired Xbox Controller with HMD for native games and apps. Except the new Xbox Cloud streaming, the Oculus Browser does not pass on the controllers properly so I can only do normal browser actions with it.

Level 2

I really hope this is fixed in an upcoming update. Is sounds like it’s possible because I’ve heard Virtual Desktop for Quest does do controller passthrough. I also want to play Squadrons from a more comfortable room.

Hopefully, yes VD does pass it through. However, at least with XCloud there is unacceptable lag. I don't recall having that same lag when I used it for Squadrons. Also, there is a WIFI problem v.30 introduced to the Quest, so that may affect it too. I won't know until I get v.31 where the WIFI issue is supposedly fixed