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a Oculus rift compatability issue

Level 2

Greetings fellow vr entusiasts 


I having a issue regarding the rift compatability issue and I wonder has Oculus devs ever planned for a update to Rift link compatability for either hardware or drivers? 


Since I find that black box of warning when i'm in the rift, and I  somewhat annoying, and I would like to know a response to that. 

As for the requirement my computer just upgraded recently like few weeks ago. 


AMD ryzen 5 5000 series

Nvidia 3060 

Win 10 

B550 motherboard

So my computer is quite strong enough to handle anything what oculus throws at. 


Now, Can some devs or community manager come with a statement about updating the Rift link requirement? 

if not, can some come with a solution how to get rid of that black box warning about compatability issue? 


Sincerly yours 


Level 15

When you buy a fresh gpu, you should be aware that Oculus may take months to fully support it.


Never buy an extremely new gpu if you want full Oculus support when you connect your hmd. 


Right now you can do nothing but wait - every 4-6 weeks, Oculus launches a new update, maybe 3060 is supported in the next update - if you're unlucky you may have to wait to June (or close). 

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Level 2

Ahh makes sense.. thanks for reply