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auto turn off display when ?

Level 2

many days ago i found a problem with automatic turning off display while wearing vr headset

when i don't move controller(actual when almost sleep) it will automatic turn off display?

how should i do? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We're here to help you! You can make sure that auto sleep is off by going to Settings->Device->Power, and turning off the Auto Sleep function. If you need more help, please click HERE to send us a support ticket. Thanks!

I have only auto wake headset and auto sleep headset in setting/device/power for auto sleep headset I don't see turn off function and I tried to set to 4 hours, it's still sleep (I'm watching youtube in vr about 3 minutes)

Okay, we want to provide deeper assistance to you, so please send us a PM or click HERE to send us a support ticket. We'll figure this out together. Thanks!