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Oculus quest 2 setup without controller

I brought an oculus quest 2 used from eBay. which come without the controller.so I try to set up Oculus quest 2. I download the mobile app and follow the instruction. because I don't have a controller, the initial setup screen did not allow me to pas...

Problems with my VR??

I just got back from a one week trip and got back on my headset; (it's an oculus quest) and many things were unable to load. My profile page wasn't loading and it only said "Unable to load, try again later." Many of the games I downloaded had transpa...

Resolved! Replacement controllers

Why are the god days replacement controllers all out of stock people are selling them for hundreds of pounds on ebay and amazon I haven't hade a right controler that works for like a week and it's very depressing for me so does anybody know when the ...

mijarat by Level 3
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Transfer Apps From one Quest 2 to Another?

my son just discovered and purchased a quest 2 and i would like to transfer apps / games i have on my quest 2 (which i haven't used in over a year) to his new unit, i.e. remove the apps / games completely from my quest and have them install on his, i...

Quest 2 not loading Rift

Woke up to my quest 2 not loading rift when selected from the quest 2 menu in VR. When selected, it flashes the 'O' circle as if it's attempting to load into Rift status but flashes back to the default VR room. All windows drivers have been updated, ...

Quest stuck without menu options

I just updated my old quest; it's an original, not quest 2 and it had been sitting in a cabinet unused for a while so I clicked into system & update its software... I now am stuck without a menu bar & unable to do anything but look around at the dome...


I've been trying to play games on my device but everytime I select an app it kicks me and when I go into the quest store it gives me error HDSLVC2 I've tried rebooting it I've re-entered the WiFi password can you help?

Oculus Link cable disconnecting randomly

Hi I'm having a problem with the oculus link on the PC app. it keeps disconnecting randomly whenever I'm playing a PC game then takes me back to the oculus headset home screen and immediately connects again. I know its not the cable because I switche...

Air Link not functioning with Quest 2

I've made firewall exceptions, updated all software and drivers, etc and yet, when I pair my headset to the Oculus PC App and launch it, I get a notification (on my pc) from the oculus pc app that "my headset isn't working properly" while the headset...

Free 30$

Hi, a few days ago I ordered the quest 2 oculus using my friend's reference link for $ 30 for the first game but I didn't receive anything, does anyone have any instructions where can I find the code or link?

Sunlight damage on Quest 2 lenses

I think it’s about time oculus helps out with sunlight damage on the lenses of the newest headset of them all oculus quest 2. I recently was traveling with my Quest 2, and put it in a bag with my controllers and at the top of the bag sunlight seeped ...

Evancav by Level 2
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My access won’t go through to my parent

I was looking at a game that was 17+ called Pavlov shack beta, since I could not access the game without a Guardian’s permission I had my guardian set up an oculus account they connected to my account without a problem, until I sent the access reques...

Left controller analog stick drifting

Hello, I bought an Oculus Quest 2 not long ago, received it in the mail two weeks ago and I’m already starting to have really bad drifting problems, It will just drift downwards. I don’t want to go to the extent of pulling it apart due to the fact it...

Removing Apps

This is ridiculous that you cannot remove apps completely. Why do I install things and then have the icon for the game/app left there forever just taking up space. Who doesn't like things to look neat and organized? I mean, come on! This really grind...

Trouble with account and games

So my oculus quest 2 has been giving me problems lately and it’s starting to bother me, It doesn’t load my profile and all my games are unplayable. I used to fix it by just casting my oculus to my phone and that would bring everything back but now it...

Icey_Z by Level 2
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Resolved! My oculus quest 2 won't load my profile

I tried the app wifi trick but it didn't work I tried numerous times to restart my headset and I checked my internet connection so many times and it still does not load my profile I can't play games when I click on them it loads then sends me back to...

Paring issue with mobile device

Hi, We bought an oculus quest 2 device, We cannot able to pair the device and link cable is getting recognized after a minute, after recognized we can able to enter into the link option - Loading black screen. Please kindly provide the solutions. We ...

Twd saints and sinners wont start

I got saints and sinners when it first came out, and it has worked fine until now. When I try to launch it, it shows a black screen with the saints and sinners logo with 3 dots underneath it. It stays like this for a few seconds, then I am returned t...