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i can not update oculus quest 2

hello i buy 128GB oculus quest 2 from amazon when i start setup quest2 after connecting to wifi oculus quest 2 dont start update and stay in "0%"(donot use the internet) iam in Iran and Facebook.com is filltered1.whats the problem?2.what can i do?tha...

360 videos freezing

I produced 360 videos last winter with my insta 360 X2 camera. The movies in mp4 format are poured into my oculus quest 2 and the rendering was really impressive. This week I wanted to review these videos and I am having problems. The sound and the i...

Airlink Crash

The v33 update is there on both PC and the Quest. I have a Connection that shows all green check marks. But when I press 'Launch' it gives me three dots on a black screen, then after a few seconds crashes. This is not Wi-Fi. I tried everything, diffe...

Tennis on Quest

Is there a good tennis game available on the Oculus Quest, or is there any plan for one? It seems like the Quest would be a great platform for one, with the freedom of movement that you have.

10afly by Level 2
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So I’m thinking of getting my son an oculus quest 2 for his birthday but I’m a little bit confused. If I buy him the headset and the controllers does it come with games? Is it like purchasing video games? Are they digital? do you download them? Also ...

Supported country

Hi could someone tells me what is the reason that my country (Czech Republic) is not supported for business with Oculus? I am just curious because Germany, Poland, Austria all of them are. Is it because of some our bureaucracy or why? Just thought th...

Payment method don`t work

Hello, i cant buy anything in the store i tried 4 different credit cards and it says everytime that the payment method isnt available right now so can anyone help me pls?!?!

mafogga by Level 2
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Two small yellow dots in middle of display

Hi I purchased my quest a few months ago and I stopped using it for a few weeks (lack of time,work,ect) but I recently booted it up for the resident evil 4 game and it has two yellow dots at the top of the screen and I don’t know how to fix it. Thank...

Oculus Link Stutters constantly

So recently i've noticed oculus link refuses to run smoothly. It starts out smooth, any game i boot runs at a clean 90fps for the first minute or so. Then it begins to stutter and it feels like it's running at half the framerate. Hitting the home but...

giodude by Level 3
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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti

I currently have the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti installed as my dedicated GPU on my MSI gaming laptop. On the Oculus Link Compatibility page, it states that all the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-series are supported. Upon launching the Oculus app from my comp...

u12k59 by Level 2
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Will not work

My ovules will not respond to the controllers and it just says tracking lost and I can’t do anything and controllers continuously vibrate

View 3D Photos on Facebook

Earlier today, I was able to view 3D photos posted on Facebook on the Quest 2 with the option to go full screen with full depth.The browser updated, and now that option is no longer there. Is there a way to revert back to that facebook version, or a ...

How do I cast on multiple smartphones?

Hello community,a few days ago I recieved my brand new Oculus Quest 2. So far it seems to be a pretty good expirience for me and my girlfriend, but yesterday we run into some trouble where I ask for your help.During the setup of the Quest 2, I instal...

Developer Mode.

Hello, I have been trying to activate developer mode on my oculus. I know how to do it. But whenever I go onto my oculus app, the developer settings do not show, nor do any other settings do, how can I sole this?


I have read all the pairing issues. I have found nothing to help me with MY pairing issue. I can not pair my phone and headset with bluetooth and I get no page to enter the code. I know my phones bluetooth is working as I have other devices I have pa...

Pack235 by Level 2
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Resolved! Lone echo 2 needs gpu optimization

Lone echo seriously needs a patch, my razer blade pro (2020) is struggling to run this game and I have opted for the lowest gpu settings to get decent fps. It's ruining the experience of the game, maybe the devs should he more honest about the system...