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Tracking Cuts Out Constantly

I have an Oculus Quest 2 and whenever I play on it, the tracking will cut out constantly. I can never go over 10 minutes without losing tracking, but usually it happens every 3-5 minutes, sometimes forcing me to recreate my guardian. Most of the thin...

Oculus Data Syncing

I am having a fun time with oculus right now. The VR experience is great! I was wondering how I can transfer account data from my quest to my pc. What I mean by this is that I downloaded certain games on my quest but downloaded the PC oculus app afte...

Resolved! Black screen after 3 dots inside guardian

Hi everyone, This is a very recent problem concerning my quest 2.It starts up normally, but once the 3 dots are gone i'm engulved in black, only being able to see my guardian. Once i physically get out of it, it switches to passthrough. I have update...

Lone Echo help

I started to play Lone Echo on Oculus Quest 2.I keep getting crashes after a short while of playing.My PC has 10700k, rtx3070, and 32 gb ram. There is no way this game requires more spec than that.I tried a number of things such as reverting back to ...

rootmin by Level 3
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Oculus Quest 2 screen glitching.

Hi all, I’ve been having an issue with my Oculus Quest 2, that I bought about 5 months ago brand new. Whenever I turn my headset on and load into the main interface, my screen within the headset starts glitching and moving left to right, without me d...

Quest 2 Controller stutter/jittery in SteamVR

The performance graph is green. So it's not reprojection, and the only solution is to use Opencomposite, but that software doesn't have key bindings which make some games unplayable. Does anybody encounter the same or have a solution? Please leave a ...

Stuck icon/pixel on Quest 2

Hi all, I'm having issues with my quest 2 there seems to be a green icon stuck in the pixels on the left screen, it is there the second I turn on my quest and never goes away. It seems to be dimmer on screens that are not black but still annoying. An...

IMG_20210620_081015.jpg IMG_20210620_081053.jpg

Air Link - extreme hand tracking stutter

So I have Air Link all up and running, what I believe is the absolute ideal setup. I9 9900k, RTX 3090, PC is hard wired into a Wifi 6 switch, which is connected at 1200mbps to my Quest 2 on a dedicated AX band that has no other devices connected, I a...

Mannrob by Level 2
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Black screen

After I system updated my Quest 2 every time I turn it on I only see a black screen (no boundaries, no controllers, no passthrough). The volume GUI comes up and so does the restart/shutdown menu after I hold down the power button (the 3 loading dots ...

Lost tracking error.

Headset is having a tracking error which I have never experienced in the past. Same room same lighting. Tried cleaning the cameras, tried increasing the lighting, resetting the unit; Nada. Aside from a factory reset (which I'd like to avoid.) Redownl...

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