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Quest 2 / Quest Build 26.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of February 18th, 2021. Bring Your Couch into VR We’ve added the ability to place a virtual couch on your real couch to use while you’re in-VR. Now, after an energetic game of Be...

Tracking lost

my controller batteries were at 10% so i was going to switch them out for the first time since getting my quest 2 and i put batteries into it and they wont connect it keeps saying tracking lost and then cant find the controllers, so i got more batter...

Cody723 by Level 2
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Star Strek on Quest

I have spend the whole day to install Star Trek Bridge Crew. I buy it in the Oculus Store, but there was a problem I cannot solve. It was not possible to connect to UBI Soft. The game requires that. I always got an error. So I try to buy it on UBI So...

Weird issue with audio with Oculus Link

Hi all!I'm having a weird issue when using Oculus Link with Oculus Quest 1. Up until now I've been using it for half a year with no issues. Suddenly, this week, I started having really bad audio lag when using Oculus link. This happens in every game ...

DrTygen by Level 2
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Latest version?

I tried to update to the latest version when I saw an update was available last night, but it told me I had to plug in, so I decided not to update at the time. This morning I plugged it in and looked back at the about page, but now no update is avail...

jaggy lines in pc link

Hi all i hope this is a simple fix As soon as I enter link mode all the lines look jaggy and crap, the normal VR mode is fine, but when i run Project Cars 2 and any PC link game it looks rubbish, ive tired altering the in game AA settings and no joy....

problème batterie en oculus link V26

j'ai installé la v26 hier sur mon quest 2,et depuis ,la batterie ce décharge en a peine 2H contre 5-6H avant en mode oculus link (pcvr)Testé hier soir et ce matin (pc redémarré, casque éteins et en charge toute la nuit) ,c'est le même résultat .Quelq...

Quest 1 sent back to home with link cable

So I bought a cable for my quest an was doing just fine. An I started having this problem where it would sometimes throw me back to the quest home as if I disabled link. Though the game is still running in the back ground I can select link an it will...

Quest 2 controller rechargeable battery type

After trying my rechargeable energizer 1.2 v, seemed ok but wasnt sure if was losing some tracking from lighting and software issues or from battery. After searching reddit and oculus threads, came across a few people that recommend enelop or enelop ...

Gane not finishing installation

I've been trying to download the new season one update for population one on my oculus quest two. The download process works just fine, but it has been stuck on the installing screen for a few hours. How can I fix this?

Pinned troubleshooting thread?

I'm seeing more and more posts lately asking the same questions over and over about link not working, common questions and troubleshooting. What are the chances we can get an RTFM post pinned to the top along with the latest update thread? If need be...

Not all items in my order

I ordered two Quest 2 Elite Straps. When my order arrived there was only one (both straps had the same tracking number and the box the one came in was labeled box 1 of 1). I opened a ticket with Oculus support 7 days ago. I have not heard anything fr...

tap50 by Level 2
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Oculus Quest cant connect to pc

So I've been wanting to play this VR game on Roblox (don't ask lmao). I got a USB-C to connect on amazon but it wasn't by Oculus. I'm trying to connect it, I tried for two days so far and it isn't working. I restarted my PC and my Oculus Quest and wh...

Quest 2 not working after latest upgrade

I upgraded my Quest 2 this morning to the latest system, and launched Supernatural. The screen went gray after a couple minutes of play; I could hear some sound but not the music. I powered down completely and after half an hour or so, powered back u...

ticbaby by Level 2
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Unable to connect to Sidequest Please help

Really frustrating. I have Sidequest but it will not detect my Quest 2. I have seen videos on YouTube how to do this and they say you need to activate developer mode. But there is NO option to this in the desktop Oculus App settings? I have uninstall...