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Air Link cannot find PC

Imma keep this as short as possible.I got a new 5GHz / 2.4GHz router so I could use Oculus Air Link without it stuttering every five seconds (my previous router only had 2.4GHz). When I try connect to my PC it just says "searching for device" but can...

Clurtyx by Level 2
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SteamVR fail after update

Hello all,I have several hundred hours of use over link on my Quest 2 and immediately after getting the update today I can't get it to work. I've already gone down the "can I just revert to the older patch" rabbit hole when they've rendered link usel...

Air Link Not working.

Every time I try to use Airlink. Either after I pair it. It would make my pc screen black. Or do 3 dots then kick me out of the home screen? And then close my oculus pc app then turn Airlink off. I do not know how to fix this. Please help me

71fna by Level 2
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Oculus Link on Mac M1 Macbook Pro

I recently got a new 16gb M1 Chip MacBook Pro 2020. And I would like to use it to play games on my Oculus Quest 2 through steam. I have steam VR downloaded, but I can't seem to find the Oculus link app available for mac. Please let me know how I play...

Oculus Link with cable

Im trying to use Oculus link with a cable, it has prevously worked before but now isnt. when i plug the headset into my PC while on the connect your headset page, the continue box quickly flashes blue then blacks out again, so the PC is picking my he...

Can't log in the meeting rooms of Workrooms

I was stuck here at this page. but I Don't know how to fix it.After a few minutes of stuck, Workrooms showed the tips: Disconnected from the server. MY workrooms account is : gushan@anve.comOculus account is : Leoye Email: gushan@anve.com

leoye by Level 2
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never-ending download of game

I was gifted a Quest 2 on Sunday, and it is now Thursday, so I expect I have a bit of learning to do. I was gifted a couple of games, one of which loaded fine, but the other... I'm trying to download Myst. It's large, and I have pretty slow internet ...

neewom by Level 2
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BHaptics Tactsuit X40 - Distance

Hi, I am considering purchasing a BHaptics Tactsuit X40 and wondering if anyone has used one with a Quest 2 to play Alyx?, I have a couple of questions, 1. Does it work okay?, any issues?2. How far away from the PC are does it work?. Currently I use ...


My Oculus Quest 2 used to be able to watch 8k videos. Now any video above 4k will not play?

T-Tone by Level 2
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My quest wont update games.

My Quest 2 won't update games (such as gorilla tag). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but I couldn't reinstall again. I restarted my Quest and updated the system, but I still can't reinstall or updates any games.

Quest (1) : problem of USB

Hi !I've lost the capability to connect my Quest to my PC through USB.I usualy do this with sidequest for the purpose of testing the apk of a project It began since v.30. Someone here has encount this problem ? Thks, from France

Quest 2 no conectan con pc

Hola, en la app de oculus en windows, aparece todo conectado, en el visor le doy a activar oculus link y vuelvo a inicio del visor y no veo el escritorio, esto me ha ocurrido de un día para otro, alguna solución?

Resolved! Oculus Link Infinite Loading?

I've been using Quest + Link almost since release and it has been working just fine but now all of a sudden it has stopped working. It says on the oculus client that my Quest is active and ready to go. I put on the headset and enable oculus link. Whe...

Oculus Quest 2 freezes on startup V33

My quest updated to V33 and oculus link looks good but in the quest home menu it lags when i exit link and for how fast the battery drains i power my quest off when i'm not using it and 20% of the time when i power up my quest 2 it will freeze on a b...

USB Cable not Recognized By Oculus Link?

Having problems with USB Link on your Quest 2? So was I and Oculus support was useless. As always, Reddit found the solution. Make sure Air Link is disabled in both your headset and PC Oculus app and then try it. If everything else is configured OK, ...

Permission Controller keeps stopping error

Ever since update, I can't play Beat Saber on oculus cause of a " Permission Controller keeps stopping error". I reinstalled the controllers, reset the goggles, but it didn't help. I don't know what I should do to get the application working. I've ne...

quest 2 different version than PC app

Having a problem where my pc app is on version 33 but my headset is on 32. I wouldn't care much about this but unfortunately it stops the rift link from working at all. connecting my pc prompts switching to rift link at witch when you do just shows t...

V.33 rollout

Many Q2 users on FB are saying they received the v.33 update, and that it makes a big difference in graphic quality using Link Sharpening. Mine is still on V.32 and says "no updates available." Anyone know how and when they plan to roll out the updat...

quest stuck at usb 2 speeds in a 3.2 port

Hi alli have an oculus quest on the latest firmware with the official oculus link usb c to c cable and it seems im stuck in usb 2 speeds for some reason. i have the usb tree info for anyone who can help =========================== USB Port5 =========...

Kiosk Mode Disabled?

Did one of the latest updates disable Kiosk mode on the quest? My app no longer auto boots after following the process in this link.https://theslidefactory.com/kiosk-mode-oculus-quest/?unapproved=781&moderation-hash=393652e1d83e212806edda679d3f7ecd#c...