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Oculus Link cable disconnecting randomly

Hi I'm having a problem with the oculus link on the PC app. it keeps disconnecting randomly whenever I'm playing a PC game then takes me back to the oculus headset home screen and immediately connects again. I know its not the cable because I switche...

Unable to connect PC with Air Link

Hey there,The Quest 2 wasn't able to connect to my PC!It says "Not connected" underneath the PC that I just connected moments ago before dinner. Before that I was playing Alyx and got a recording and shared it to Facebook, it does said it will notify...

oculus quest 2 not charging while playing

good morning, i have the official cable from oculus usb c for playing game from the pci have this problem with is really bad....when i am playing the oculus does not charge, so i can not use it for long time....how can i fix? is really frustrating as...

Resolved! Can you overcharge a Quest 2?

Am still relatively new with my Quest 2 and just went through the not so easy peasy account change to Meta. I've noticed on Facebook several people have the nifty charging units with cool images of what they look like with headset & controllers charg...

Support for custom HMD tracking algorithm

Oculus has impressive HMD tracking capabilities. Nonetheless, for highly controlled environment (our use-case), we'd like to explore alternative approaches. Specifically, we have motion tracking markers (triangles, reflective shapes, etc.) everywhere...

Bluetooth Mouse paired but not working.

Hi All, I just purchased a Logitech MX Master 3 after following what some other people out there have successfully used with their Quest 2. I can pair the bluetooth mouse OK, however it doesn't do anything, no cursor, nothing. I have also tried pairi...

Headset not pairing

I received my oculus quest 2 back from RMA it’s a refurbished one. The headset is not pairing with my phone. It says software update required on device. Which device my phone or the headset. I can’t access the headset it’s not pairing. Please help

Audio crackling - Link/AirLink

Most recent update here:https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/r3n2oy/audio_crackling_noises_over_linkairlink_quest_2/ Crackling noises are heard at certain sound frequencies when streaming via Link/AirLink. Especially human voices. The issue seem ...


Не обновляется

мой oculus quest 2 не обновляется до последней версии. Сбросил настройки до заводских и теперь не могу связать мобильное приложение и сам шлем. Скажите пожалуйста, что я могу сделать в данной ситуации 


Resolved! and this happened

Just recent When trying to find out why my quest decided to not let me use my apps once the new update came I in desperation so stressed out trying to figure out to get it to work I accidentally deactivated my account and need help reactivating it so...

Why cant i access my games after meta update

When starting my oculus 2 I was prompted to update my device and then merge my facebook account with the new Meta account. I had some trouble but managed to create one but I couldn't select my old name, I had to add a "_" and this account is seen as ...

Resolved! How to install Oculus runtime?

I would like to use OpenVR to communicate with Oculus runtime, so that OpenVR can retrieve info from the Oculus Quest 2 device. How to install the Oculus runtime? p.s. I might be wrong, but should I look into something like https://github.com/ValveSo...

Age Restriction with new update on Meta

Now with the option to use the Quest 2 without a Facebook account I am curious as to more restrictions have been more such as added security and further in depth parental controls allowing kids under 13 years of age to use the Quest 2?Thank you

Gorilla Tag wont install

Something happend with gorilla tag that wouldn't let my play so I tried Uninstaller then reinstalling but won't let me install it again. And the weird thing is my sister's account has gorilla tag just fine but mine doesn't and I have the owner accoun...

Quest 2 Boot Loop

Boots to initial setup, input WiFi, watch intro video, update screen appears and then the device pops up a restart window and counts down from 10 to 1.-Purchased yesterday and exchanged today, same issue on both.-Manually shutdown.-Allowed battery to...

Saiule by Level 2
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Blocage avec le schéma

Bonjour j'ai oublié le schéma de démarrage du casque Qu'est 2, et du coup je suis bloqué, l'application du mobile ne fonctionne pas tant que le casque est pas connecté, du coup elle ne sert pas, c'est la m---e, si vous avez une solution, merci, à tou...

adcat by Level 2
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