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Quest 2 / Quest Build 27.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of March 15th, 2021. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue blocking the overlay keyboard from displaying in third-party apps where multiple fields are present in a form. Known Issues Some use...

Oculus Link don't work

Hello,So, I recently upgraded my pc, above all the oculus Link work pretty well not very reliable but it works, on the other hand now nothing works, the headset connects well to the pc, on the other hand I remain blocked on a black screen with three ...

Conventional games?

Received the Quest 2 for my birthday. I’m not a 25 year old desperate to be a warrior type. I’m not in to blood and guts and slayer games. I want to play more conventional games, like baseball, regular football, not futuristic, golf, tennis, archery....

RonTani by Level 2
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quest 2 wired link issues

so i have a quest 2 and the anker 3.0 cable they reccomended and heres my issuemy brothers computer which i normally link to pushes out 2-3 gigs to the cable and runs fine (abeit lower specs)then my mothers computer which has better specs only pushes...

Incorrect time on Quest

I was curious how I can change the time on my Quest home screen. I bought my Quest in a different time zone and now the time is off. Is there a way to change it to the correct time?

two huge yellow dots

Hi - I hope someone can help me with this. I've had my oculus quest 2 for about 3 months and today suddenly two huge yellow dots have appeared near the centre of the screen. They're not sun damage because I haven't used it outdoors and keep it in the...

rixh66 by Level 2
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Should i get bmbf?

so im getting beat saber very soon and i was thinking about getting bmbf for it. I just want to make sure i wont get banned and it is completely safe to the headset. I also want to know what i can and cannot do with bmbf. can someone please help me?

Check Connection

'37ff9a5e25fb83a4d8ef72444440600887a19a3836f52bfdb67355f124cd7ab2'.[Debug] [4/5/2021 10:09:38 AM] Downloading '851fe9ea5a566c5fb54c0069a063c8c873197aaf27c08851405b5d51189c6ea0'.[Error] [4/5/2021 10:09:38 AM] Error validating '11735c23afe5dac9ced0bfab...

Link cable for quest 2

so i have just just bought a asus Viobook 15 and my link cable works with it however when ever i plug it in it glitches and will not connect due to low bandwidth, does anyone know how to fix this or do i have to buy a new cable or laptop? thanks ever...

Aucun audio pour le casque

Bonjour, Quelqu'un sait comment régler ce problème ? ça m'arrive seulement en étant connecté en LINK, toutes le vérifications possible ont été faite sur les périphériques audio, merci de votre aide.

link800 by Level 2
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Anker Charging Dock

I have had the dock for a couple of weeks now and I just noticed today that the rechargable battery in the left controller is getting incredibly hot in the charger.When you remove the controller ; is is considerably warmer than the other. I pulled ou...

Gamr Purchase

Good afternoon everyone Happy Easter I was just wondering if you purchase a game is it possible to split the total purchase amount onto two different credit cards or if I just try and put the total through on one card where there's not enough is he j...