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Quest 2 Left Joystick

My left joystick in games keeps moving me around. I don’t know how to fix it and is very frustrating when play a game I move around when I don’t push anything on my left controller. Please help me

Controller help

my left controller wont connect and keeps telling me update error. ive replaced the batteries, i went on the app and unpaired both controllers and repaired them only for the right controller to pair and get the same notification about the left. any h...

Quest 2 unresponsive microphone

Hello, I've been using my Quest 2 for a while now (over a year) and without anything drastic happening the microphone seems to have become completely unresponsive. I've tried a bunch of stuff including a factory reset to try to get the microphone to ...

Poggle by Level 2
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Quest 2 not functioning now.

A glaring problem - wifi is connected but I don't see anything for my games on HMD or Store games or TV.. OOps nothing here! The PC app is up and airlink plus wired link fails. What Gives...V35? Perhaps Server issue? Has my opting in being an Oculus ...

1Jobe by Level 4
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Please advise

Hello,I'm frustrated. My email registered with Oculus is way old, you also have my current email registered (likely a Facebook issue) . I would like to download annual membership to certain apps and it requires my old pin (which was so long ago) vers...

QUEST 2 lens spacer issue

Does anyone here is experience issues with the lens spacer while putting on and off the headset? I contacted Customer Service in August, and they seem not to care about my problem. Very unpleasant experience with the Customer service of Oculus so far...

alis030 by Level 3
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Brightness adjust when Quest Link

Sometimes it is too dark or too bright in some scene in Quest PCVR games. For example in Vader Immortal: Episode I. I can't barely see in some scenes   But in some Lightsaber fight scene. The flash of light is too bright and frequent and causing eye ...

2021-12-03 23_31_15-Vader Immortal_ Episode 1.png OculusScreenshot1638538805.jpeg
0xEric by Level 3
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KIWI design Blue Light

Hello , I have a little problem. I got my self a Kiwi Lens Protect with anti Blue Light glass. I put them on and all works out. Till to day when I want to swap them with VRCover ,I just can't remove it. The Left one come out no problem the right one ...

TiKeyx by Level 2
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problème oculus link

Bonjour ! J'ai un petit problème... j'ai un casque Quest 2 et quand je veux lancer l'oculus link en filaire, j'ai l'écran noir avec les 3 petits points de chargement qui s'affiche comme pour lancer l'appli sauf que ça reste indéfiniment et ne lance p...

Mode développeur impossible (oculus quest 2)

Bonjour,J'ai un petit problème(ou gros ça dépend) ,je viens d'acquérir le quest 2 mais impossible de mettre l'application oculus ou le quest en mode dev, rien n’apparaît sur le quest après réinitialisation, après compte dev oculus crée et vérifier. L...

Oculus quest 2

My oculus keeps crashing ... Almost like it's been used by someone else... Glitches up bad...which. Platform should I have for a quest 2.. and do I need to be a developer

Airlink won't launch PCVR games after v33 update

After updating the Quest 2 to version 33, when I launch Airlink and attempt to load a title in the library (Half-Life Alyx for example) it remains at the "loading" screen in the headset, yet the game does launch on my computer. Then the computer disp...

okko by Level 4
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