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Link Lag, unresponsive buttons, random crashes

Loving the Quest 2 as a standalone but been very disappointed by the Link performance so far. It's worse than my CV1. I have an i7-6700k and a 3070 and graphic intensive games like Alyx all run buttery smooth on my PC screen but stutter like crazy in...

earley2 by Level 2
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Dead Pixel on RH Screen

Only purchased this Quest2 22 February 2021 and already has a fault! A dead pixel has appeared on the RH screen! It is very annoying as it is a white spot close to the centre about 10 degrees lower down. I purchased at a Argos Store in SE London UK. ...

Setting up multiple accounts

I have purchased a quest 2 and gave my original quest to my daughter who does not live with me. Do I now set the quest 2 up with the same account and app that the one I gave to my daughter is set up with. Or do I need to set up a entirely new account...

lee2626 by Level 2
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Gun Club VR SWAT

Can anyone tell me whats up with the pics that fall outta the folder that U can pull outta the drawer in the ready room? If U open the drawer & pull out the folder & tap it on the table top, pics fall out that show views of the game with the green di...

App Sharing Scores in Games

Have set-up App Sharing on a Quest 2 and it seems to work great, playing 99% of the games no problem. One weird thing is that the Admin account is unable to see the scores of the sharing account, but they can see the Admin accounts. Seems to be acros...

Holdris by Level 2
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Payments taken

Tried to make several purchases which didn't go through. Realised after several attempts that card was out of date. Put new card details in and completed the purchase. Now see numerous random purchases. Has oculus gone back and tried the payments aga...

HCS2008 by Level 2
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Processing for Shipping

I just wanted to know if its normal for the Order Status to still say Processing for Shipping but it says that it might get here on Wednesday should i wait and see if it will get here that day or talk to oculus about it

Quest 2 saying that I have no games

My quest 2 won't let me see my games or let me open any. It's saying that it's not connected to WiFi but it is and I have even tried restarting my headset to see it that would work but it hasn't. If anyone can help please reply.

Set up

I’m having trouble setting up my oculas quest 2. When I turn it on the O pops up then it goes away and my screen is just black. I can’t do anything with the controllers. I’ve tried rebooting three times. Please help

Mic not working

Mic has never worked and it has never been connected to a computer. It is really frustrating that it does not work and there are absolutely zero setting on the headset to fix this problem. Why pay so much money for something that does not work? With ...

extreme lag on the quest 1

every few seconds the frame rate drops to about 5 fps. and the sound also glitches out. some times it loses tracking. this may not be relevant but every time I turn on the quest it cant find a guardian so i have to make a new one.

T4and4 by Level 2
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oculus link setup check connection

so the oculus link setup app isnt working i click get started it starts downloading then goes to about 138mb then goes to 0 bytes and then after a min says check connection i have full bars ive had the app once before and it worked fine now i want to...