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Quest 2 / Quest Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Bring Your Desk into VR We’ve added the ability to place a virtual desk on your real desk to use while you’re in VR. You can see and use this Desk in the Ocu...

payment in the store

Hi, soon ill buy a quest 2 and i have 1 question, if i would log in with my own facebook account and my parents will pay with their credit card. Will that make me banned from using the quest, or should i log in with my parents facebook acc?

GlobeQ1 by Level 3
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Big black spot on screen

Hi, today I took a break from playing and once I came 10 minutes later I suddenly have a black spot with a red border on the screen. Have a look at the pics (1st is right, second left eye) attached that I made with my phone. It‘s the Quest 2 I baught...

CHAT: Send Failed. Click to Retry

Basic CHAT seems to have REALLY broken for me in the Oculus Quest 2.In the headset, I can't see any responses, although I CAN see notifications from the otherparty that briefly includes part of their message.Meanwhile, the Oculus APP installed on my ...

Skyrim VR stuttering

So last night was my first time getting to know PCVR and how to get it to work, hopefully this helps someone. I bought Skyrim VR and Virtual Desktop and thought thats all I needed, tried to play skyrim, wouldn't work, looked it up and I needed SideQu...

Peculiar Headstrap Malfunction

So as many of you know, the elite headstrap has been breaking for a bunch of people. But my situation is quite odd. My headstrap isn't broken nor does it show any signs of fatigue, but when I wanted to hop in VR I noticed that one side of my headstra...

Qwerzer by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 2 Factory Settings Boot Loop

Please for the love of god let me know if you have a fix, because I had a similar issue on the first Quest:Oculus Quest: Got stuck in a boot loop where logo appears, then it turns itself off, then back on and repeats the process till battery runs out...

Oculus quest 2 - preodred payment failed

Hello,last night oculus tried to charge my account for my preorder, it failed. how can I retry it as now everything is sorted for my account? I tried to reenter my card number or even switch to paypal but both methods are not successful, it still sho...

Katruf by Level 3
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Cheap elite strap and facial insert

Ok I can't comment as to how good they are but I just bought a quest 2!elite strap for £20 delivered from AliExpress. It looks like a ripoff of the PSVR strap they have other styles for similar price . I also got a fake leather replacement face inser...

Update Not Available

Setting/About says I'm on version 21. It says "No Updates Available". Shouldn't version 23 be available now ? ( I have a good internet connection running to the Oculus it says. ) UPDATE: I see now that it rolls out slowly.........

Yachats by Level 4
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Can you play vr if you dont have legs?

I just bought an oculus quest 2 a few days ago and love it, I want to show it to my friend who has no legs and make sure he gets the full experience but I'm not sure how it will work since he's so low to the ground. He has no problem moving around wi...

Oculus Link

Is it possible not to turn off Oculus Link after using oculus quest 2. I want to use quest 2 just like oculus cv1 is always connected to PC

Oculus Quest 2 Video to iPhone

I've searched up videos on how to transfer videos to my iPhone, I was so close in this one video where you copy the facebook post link and put it on a website to download but when I clicked the download button it just opened it in my browser. Please ...

Office usage w/ hands, no controllers

I'm using Quest 2 as head screen for remote office and coding, no games, cool?it works well by using VD, office, coding, even online meetings with audio, cool!But when using Quest 2 outside of home, I don't want to take the controllers together due t...

2D app distance and size

Suggest to allow 2D applicaiton distance and size, and manipulate using "head focus" like goole cardbox.I want to use Quest 2 as as office display, Microsoft RDP is an good option to connect my laptop - no standalone GPU. RDP protocol demands few CPU...

Games Crashing after update

there was an update to v23 about 2 days ago and now my games will not load passed any kind of lobby. Echo vr chashes entering the lobby. Poker Stars VR will not load passed the logo. Vader Immortal: III will crash if i try to enter game play. I can w...