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Air link requirements met, blank screen.

Hey! After about a day and a half of trying to get air link to work I finally got the app to work (had to change to my gaming laptop which has a compatible graphics card) but when I boot up a game such as Roblox it only shows it working on the pc’s s...

Start up help

Spoiler (Highlight to read)My VR said could not connect while playing now it will not go through start up. The o just keeps flashing. Tried factory reset and shut it down. Then restarted it with no change. seems like the update startup is frozen on i...

Vr chat refusing to start

When I start up Vrchat it logs into my account fine then nothing happens it’s just blank it not even a menu pops up to say go the only thing I can open is the oculus menu idk why it’s happening but it only fixes itself when I log in with my oculus ac...

Sensors refusing to detect remotes

Bought the Oculus Quest 2 back in October, and I had enjoyed every bit of it.One day, the sensors have broken down, refusing to detect my remotes.Every time I open my Quest, the headset tries to detect the remotes, bringing up a loading screen, then ...

Help with a game

Hello. Started to play “ghost giant “. It asked me to blow air to scare the birds. I know what I supposed to do, but it doesn’t work. Asking me to get closer and make a wind. I’m trying to blow the air soft, hard, long and short, loud and quiet, dire...

135d by Level 2
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Superhot deal on pc but not oculus store?

So i am looking to buy superhot vr, as it is 51% off on the oculus desktop app, but when i logged onto my oculus quest 2 not connected to my pc it has no deal despite the deal still having 9 days left, the same thing happended with the oculus app on ...

JmackB by Level 2
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Unselectable apps

My quest was running fine up until ~3-4 days ago. Most apps start fine but for multiple apps it won't let me select or open them. When my cursor is over the app it shows the 'select' overlay but won't let me select anything.When I open the app to the...

Zareoph by Level 2
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Referal link

HELP!!! I did not know that I had to set up my oculus through the link that my boyfriend sent me in order for us both to get the 60 in credit. I already set it up, but I am hoping there is a way to go back and use it. Can anyone please tell me?? Sara...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hello, Is there anyone out there that can assist me on how to troubleshoot the Richies plank game? I tried changing the direction of the plank and somehow I zoomed in and can't zoom back out getting a black screen! Thank You

Download error

I purchased The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and I’ve tried downloading the game 4 times. When the game is downloading it starts slowing down at some point then stops the download completely, ten I have to start over again just for it to do the sam...

amerson by Level 2
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Can't connect store

I have an issue to connect my Oculus store. When I try it's loading and later I got a message " oops something went wrong, try again later"How I can't solve this problem. I can't play any my purchased games.

Guardian just keeps resetting

I have been playing on my Quest 2 for a while now, but i went into gorilla tag and my guardian just stopped working, like litteraly whenever i drew a new one it instantly went back to saying i should make a new one, and there is really good lightning...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Black Screen

Bought my son an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas and he has not even got to use it because we keep getting a black screen. We first charged the device made sure light was green it pairs to the app just fine and then as soon as we turn it on we get the O...

VRchat not loading

Hello, I have the Oculus Quest 2, and today I haven't been able to access my VRchat account at all. I have uninstalled and re-installed the app, and factory reset the oculus to see if it was my Oculus with the issue, and I'm still having the same pro...

how 2 delete device owner account

Because of a factory reset problem I now have 2 accounts in my headset. The unwanted/uneeded new profile is labeled device owner & the 2nd profile is my original & has my games & apps. I want 2 delete the device owner profile & get my original profil...

delete/erase avatar

is it possible to delete/erase avatar on my oculus quest ? as usual, someone made one on my device while i wasn't using it but i don't want to modify what he did..i just don't want avatar...at all...thanks for your help

1660 Super

why are the 1660, 1660 ti and 1650 super supported but not 1660 super? it makes no sense that a better graphics card wouldn't be supported, if i had to guess maybe because it was unstable?

Helixx_ by Level 2
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