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New PC has Windows 11, Oculus won't install

Bought a new PC, and it came with Windows 11. Now, when I go to install the Oculus software, it downloads and installs and at the very end gives no error other than it says the installation failed, and to reboot. So, aside from wiping and installing ...

Resolved! can't reinstall software

After having to reinstall Oculus software, all of my games and apps show up in my library, but need to be downloaded and reinstalled. When I try this I get a:"Store Notification. Sorry, we couldn't install "X". Visit Oculus support to get help"I did....

pgaddis by Level 2
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It's not charging

Helloi haven't played on my quest around a week and i was spouse to play with my friends on the q2(quest 2). It didn't charge so i tried search up what to do but cant find any help i have tried 5 different cables and nothing works, I have tried reboo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Voice Command Confirmation

I understand that the “are you sure you want to power the device off” confirmation after you say “power the device off” is likely for little kids that press buttons or people that just don’t understand how VC works entirely; but for the rest of us, c...

Vr chat not working

I can’t Load into any worlds or see my avatars I’ve tried all the solutions to it but nothing will work. I was playing just fine yesterday but it won’t work today. I’ve contacted Vrchat support but they are taking forever to respond. Does anyone have...

NinjaX5 by Level 2
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Bluetooth Pairing

Tried pairing an HC-05 bluetooth module using the experimental options, the device was found but when you go to input the code no virtual keyboard comes up until you leave the code entering screen ... leaving me unable to finish the pairing.Second th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Viewing Facebook and Using the Oculus

So while I do and have had a Facebook account for awhile now, I don't really care for it and don't really care to view it. My question is, while I won't deactivate or delete my account, wouldn't I be able to just delete the app off of my phone, and o...

DeCobra by Level 2
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Please help - Oculus Link

I have the Oculus Quest 2, and I am not able to afford the official link cable. I got a third-party cable (https://www.amazon.ae/KIWI-design-Oculus-Accessories-Meters/dp/B0948S7CZP/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=kiwi+design+oculus+quest+2&qid=163465459...


my oculus app wont install on my laptop. when i try it works then at the end it tells me to restart my pc and when i do and try again it still dose not work.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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oculus link cable not working

Hello, so I am currently trying to connect my oculus quest 2 using the Insignia link cable chord and it is not working. I have a windows 10 or 11 laptop and I have the oculus app but unfortunately the cable chord wont connect. My laptop it is saying ...

Beatsaber not sharable?

So I bought a Quest 2. Purchased many games. Fast forward 6 months and my son bought a Quest 2. I’m the admin on his headset so the games are sharable. We see many of the games I have purchased except Beat Saber, FitXR and Synth Riders. Anyone know w...

New Game - Private Property

Is it possible to suggest games to be added to the oculus library. I played Private Property at a VR center and this game is similar to Elven Assassin but on a wild west theme using guns instead of bows, comfortable to play and good fun. Unfortunatel...