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Casting to PC

Hi there,Having some issues getting my Quest 2 to cast to my PC. I go to Oculus.com/casting and login and it gives me the instruction list for what to do on the headset. When on the headset, I go to Casting list but my PC doesn't show up. They're bot...

New User - Arizona Sunshine Multiplayer

Good Evening, My husband and I are new to the Oculus Quest 2. Started our experience with Arizona Sunshine for the ability to play multiplayer. We are running on the same network. My husband set himself up as the admin on both Quests and I am a secon...

oculus materials

Hi good afternoon, im Levi Jiménez Rufes, im an artist and student researcher of the UCM university of fine arts in Madrid. At the moment im on a research group about digital enviroments and vr. My question is if i can get some info about the Oculus ...

Problem playing Skyrim on Quest 2

I'm using Oculus app, SteamVR and Virtual Desktop in an attempt to play Skyrim on my Quest 2. I have tried Air Link and Link cable methods but neither seem to matter. Anyway, the problem I'm having is with the view and input. When I open Skyrim using...

Let us use the original Quest menu!

Here's my hot take. The old, original menu for the Quest 1 is superior to any other Quest menu. I found that it did a far better job of utilizing space, rather than unnecessarily burying things in different menus. In VR you can make the menu (realist...

image of the old menu i found on the Internet.png

Oculus Quest 2 Static lines

I’ve had my oculus quest 2 for a couple weeks now, I kept it away from direct sunlight etc. I spent all my saved money on it and accessories and it has static lines when I try to play or tracking is off. I haven’t ran into a wall or hit anything but ...

Oculus mobile app

Just bought my quest 2 and I can get the mobile app to get past the quest 2 disclosure. Anyone else have this issue and have a way to fix or get around it ?

App sharing

We just purchased one quest 2 for my sons. Each has their own account. App sharing is turned on in settings. The apps that I have purchased on one account are not sharing with the other account. We have researched and the apps are shareable. On the a...

Quest 2 PCVR quality

I’ve been messing around with my MSFS settings (again) on my Quest 2. I’ve noticed that if I select my monitor in Dash, so that the headset displays a pancake view of the sim, the clarity and colours are simply excellent. They’re both sharp and rich....

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Oculus link repeatedly disconnecting

Last week I was having no issues with my oculus, playing games like echo, hyper dash, and vr chat all through oculus link perfectly. Suddenly the day before yesterday it completely stopped working for all intents and purposes as the link will, in som...

Resolved! DCS issue

Unable to get DCS started. It will go as far as the virtual hangar then simply closes. I initially tried the 'public' release then enrolled into the beta. Same results each time I attempt to start DCS.

Quest 2 grip button is rubbing

After about a week of use, my right quest 2 grip button makes when i push it down and has a small amount of friction as if it were rubbing against something but i cant find any solutions anywhere else.


昨日1ヵ月ぶりにoculus quest2を起動させた所、数件入っていた有料アプリと無料アプリ含め10件ほどすべてのアプリが消えており、ストアにも接続できない状況になっていました。ちなみにsteamに入れていたアプリの起動はoculus quest2からも出来ました。 oculus quest2のWiFi接続確認・良好の上、本体のアップデートは最新です。原因が解らず使用が不可能な状況です。解決策はありますでしょうか?以前のアプリ、データは諦めるしかないでしょうか?

External Storage Options

Hey, I bought the 128gb Quest 2 at the re-release and was wondering if I could buy a usb-c drive for more storage? Ever since an update a few weeks ago I can no longer stream videos at qualities higher than 1440p which makes them super fuzzy are hard...

Pairing my quest 2 when i have a quest 1

I just got my quest 2 and I already have a quest 1. It shows up on the app but when I try to pair it says the is already an oculus device on the account. I factory reset my quest 1 thinking it would disconnect it but it still wouldn't let me pair. I'...