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Okulus Quest 2 VR Bild sehr unscharf

Hallo ich hoffe ich bin hier in diesem Forum richtig und man mir helfen kann. Ich nütze die Okulus in Verbindung mit dem Microsoft Flugsimulator 2020..Und zwar nicht die Steam Version sondern die CD Version. Die Verbindung klappt auch einwandfrei jed...

Elite headset

Do we have any info on if they are redesigning the the elite strap as it keeps breaking on people? i was going to get one but everywhere is out of stock then i read some of the posts about it breaking and noticed no one seems to be selling it. just n...

danhayj by Level 3
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Weird issue with audio with Oculus Link

Hi all!I'm having a weird issue when using Oculus Link with Oculus Quest 1. Up until now I've been using it for half a year with no issues. Suddenly, this week, I started having really bad audio lag when using Oculus link. This happens in every game ...

DrTygen by Level 2
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Drivers failure

Controllers for quest 2 get out of hand and appear elsewhere. Other times only one hand is lost.The official Oculus service doesn't tell me anything.Anyone know the solution?

2021 and controllers still fall a sleep!

Please give us more control over 'battery saving'. I have no issues to charge batteries for Oculus Quest 2 and changing them is far less problem than getting your game progress ruined by a controller falling a sleep. - If there are active connection ...

Right controller not vibrating on Quest

I was playing Beat Saber and suddenly the vibration on the left controller stopped working, I quited Beat Saber and realised that the vibration wasn't working at all, I tryed changing the batteries and the problem continued, I tried to re-pair both o...

Shear library

Hello! A mont ago i bought myself a oculus quest 2 and let my father try it. He was really enjoying it and decided to buy one for himself. I would like to know if i can shear a library with my father like a steam shear or something similar.

Left Controller Drift issues - Quest 2

I am having an issue with my left Controller only 2 months after purchase! It is always drifting to the left as if I were pushing the analog stick that way, although I am not. Looking online I see many others have had problems with this exact same is...

Reset pin

I go to settings to reset pin and it ask me for old pin but I don’t know the old pin I need help so I can get a new pin to purchase games

Link cable

Hey, When I plug my link cable in its fine until I click the "oculus link" in the home menu it say its disconnected for about a second then put me back into the home screen, please help.

Chase- by Level 2
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Oculus stopped working

I was watching YouTube on the oculus and out of nowhere the audio cut off and wouldn't work and the next day when I turned it on it said "oculus app runtime stopped working" and I couldn't do anything.

oculus quest 2 internet problems

I'm having a problem with multiplayer on my oculus quest 2 but i am connected to the internet and can only play offline games and YouTube videos and stuff but games like echo arena wont work for some reason anyone know why?

Linked wrong Facebook account

I have just noticed that when I linked a Facebook account it looks like a must have made a new on to link and not my existing Facebook account that I have access too this is quite annoying becouse when I cast or share stuff it goes to a profile that ...

Resolved! Some Clarifications

Hi all,Maybe my questions are too simple, but I would appreciate if people find time answer them. Currently I am thinking about purchasing quest 2, but need some clarifications. Fact is that if I ever purchase quest 2 I will do it not to play games f...

Oculus Link would not work on Windows VM

I am running a Windows VM on a MacBook Pro to run Oculus Link and use my Oculus Quest 2 but the Oculus app would not detect the VMware Graphics adapter. VM Graphics Spec -Device Name - VMware SVGA 3DManufacturer - VMware Inc.Chip Type - VMware Virtua...

Saphira25_1-1614464931325.png OculusLink.PNG

Grey pixel on right eye

First day out of the box, first day playing. Seeing a single grey pixel on the right side. It goes away when powering off and on. But comes back after a few minutes of being on. Seems like a software bug not a hardware. Is this bug being patched?