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Processor compatibility

Hello, my problem is that I have in my pc an 'Intel i3-6100' processor and a 'Sapphire Nitro + Radeon RX 570' graphics card and I would like to know if they are compatible with the Oculus Quest 2. Is there a problem with the processor, the graphics c...


Hi I have a game on my Oculus and it has began to update but it is stuck on installing and it has been stuck on installing for many days I have got more than enough storage for the update and my Wi-Fi couldn’t be better can anyone help me with this i...

Oculus Link

When I click add headset it won't connect it only spins around and nothing happens and I know my pc can handle it cause the same day it happened I was playing Pavlov and then the enable link wouldn't come up and I know the cable works cause it still ...

connection to headset

all of a sudden my phone can not find my headset. I have tried everything from reinstalling the app, to reseting rebooting phone, turning off headset, turning off bluetooth...nothing finds the headset. The internet is connected...help!!

Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Link - not work!

I uninstalled Windows 11 to play desktop games again. But it turned out that Link was broken here too! Why, to try to connect a Link, do you force the user to pull the yusb cable? Where is the button in the system? Why are you asking for Allow the co...

My vr is basically broken

I jave a quest 2 and for some reason it won't show any downloaded games or apps that i have on my library when i turned it on so i checked the storage and it deleted them all so i went to go reinstall them but when i try to search anything or click o...

Quest 2 how to start games on headset

Hey,I just got my quest 2, i linked it through air-link but for the love of god i don't know how to start games in my headset.I can start games through the virtual environement in my headset but they open on my virtual computer screen instead of on t...

Marvel Games

Does anyone know if there are any Marvel Comics based games coming to the Quest 2 Platform? I know there was one a few years back that was discontinued, I missed the chance to try that one. I would hope there is something in the works seeing how big ...

Untimely movements to the right of my quest 2

Hello, I currently have a very nasty problem with my Quest 2.In all games where movement is possible, (Elite vr sniper, Saints & Sinners, etc.) my Quest 2 moves to the right on its own. Which is extremely disturbing after a while, I have to stop play...


I'm stuck with an old school email I can't access and I already bought stuff on this account. how can u change accounts without losing all the games?

sim EFB in VR

HiI am happy with sim EFB in 2D but as soon as I switch to VR the map boxes disappear. The old VFR Map is still visible, however, but I can't aeem to solve the problem. I have tried some possible solutions but to no avail. Any help greatly appreciate...

Oculus quest 2 bootloop

So my microphone started to sound static and then stopped working completely. So I did a soft reset and now it's stuck in a bootloop. It will start up normally showing the logo, but then it goes black then shows the boot logo again. It's been doing t...

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bad performance airlink

Seriously its is really bad i cant run my game corectly i play virtual desktop at high wich is 2496x2592 per eye and on air link i run 4480 x 2256 for the 2 eye wich is 11% lower and i just cant run my game and on virtual desktop its fluid with a 11%...