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My account

I was trying to merge my Facebook account with my eye and it said I need to be connected to my account so when I tried it said try again sometime later even if my phone was connected to the headset.

Oculus quest 2 account won’t work

This has been going on for about a week. I turn on my oculus and all my apps show up but when I open them it works for a couple second then crashes. I can’t access anything, my profile icon is blank but when I press switch accounts it says I’m still ...

SpeedQB by Level 2
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Referral issue

My daughter sent a referral code to me and I accepted it on my account before I bought my oculus (our second one). Now when i setup my oculus it is not giving me the referral bonus or showing it on my daughters account. I tried to create a ticket but...

Audio playthrough to PC from Quest 2 Fix

For those that are having trouble with Audio playing through the headset to your PC speakers :In Windows > Go to the Sound Settings > Advanced Sound OptionsThen in this App volume and device preferences Go To the App Volume (for the applications)and ...

Start video from PC

Hi, For a project I need to be able to control video playback on an Oculus Quest 2 via a PC while the Quest is on the head of someone else. I also need to see what the wearer is seing on my PC. In other words : - Someone has a Quest 2 on his head- I'...

What to do with my .glb file?

I have created a custom home environment using blender and exported as .glb. It meets all the requirements and checks.. However I'm not sure where to put it to view on my quest. I've read that you should put them in an 'oculus home' folder in my docu...

Left Controller Not Working Oculus Quest 1

I bought my unit in 2020. I used it for a workout app limited amount. I was not a heavy user. Then I have not used it for a year. Took it out of the box today to start the workout app and the left controller is not working. I have tried so many batte...

i can't upload my videos to facebook

so i record my gameplay i do and they usually be 20 mins to 1 hour but it won't let me upload it, it doesnt show up when i post the video, and when i do try to post the video it shows a old one that has been posted before but that was the only one, t...

Left controller not working

Left controller is not working on my quest.it shows that I have battery on my controller when I put a battery in but when I move my controller around it doesn’t work at all. I unpaired and then paired it again - I can feel the controller vibrate as i...

Resolved! How do I get out of sideload?

I entered the boot menu earlier and I accidentally pressed this sideload thing, I have no clue on how to fix it and the oculus light thing is just a solid light purple. If you know how to fix it please inform me,

zexadz by Level 2
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Viewing SBS pictures ?

Hello, New Oculus Quest user.I searched this forum without finding any answer :How can I view SBS pictures (JPS or MPO extension) using my oculus Quest 2 ?My picture size : 3840x1080 Thanks in advance.

Didolou by Level 2
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Resolved! PC App won't install

I have more than enough space on my  drive yet it still says there is not enough space. I've tried putting it on my C: drive and moving it to  using "C:\Users\(Username]\Downloads\OculusSetup.exe /drive:D" but it says it can not find it.

Problems with my VR??

I just got back from a one week trip and got back on my headset; (it's an oculus quest) and many things were unable to load. My profile page wasn't loading and it only said "Unable to load, try again later." Many of the games I downloaded had transpa...

Quest stuck without menu options

I just updated my old quest; it's an original, not quest 2 and it had been sitting in a cabinet unused for a while so I clicked into system & update its software... I now am stuck without a menu bar & unable to do anything but look around at the dome...