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Hand Tracking not working

Hello everyone. I am using Quest 2. I am trying to develop hand tracking game but its not working. Actually mesh renderer not working. I can see the skeleton and i choose both rendering from hands manager object. Also in train scene i can't interact ...

Phone notification on Android doesn't work

The phone notifications doesn't work with my Redmi 9T phone.It worked one time .I tried to clear app data , reinstall oculus phone app etc but no notifications.Now I can not setting it up again... I click on Devices then Phone Notifications it goes t...

App update is freezing

I am trying to update echo Vr and it is constantly freezing in the 600 mb range and won’t budge. I’ve restarted 6 times already and won’t fix it. Please help.

It won’t install

I’ve been trying to install a game and it’s been about 5 days and it’s still installing I tried restarting and shutting it down and it won’t work how do I reboot or clear out my oculus

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can’t get past Pairing Screen ?

I have an oculus/ Facebook account that is still active and showing all my purchased games ect . However the headset wasn’t Reflecting this. I contacted oculus support Did the factory reset every time I try to pair my device it said it was connected ...

Push backs

Will new controllers for my oculus 2, fix my ‘push back’ problems?we have tried some trouble shooting & i now have run out of ideas

Request for Help - Oculus RMAed 2 months ago

I'm hoping someone in the community has been able to successfully get a replacement headset sent back to them, and would like to know how they did this. Here is the nightmare I am currently in:- Purchased new headset via Amazon on August 27th (delive...

RTX 3050TI

Ciao a tutti, qualcuno sa se hanno risolto il problema di compatibilità con la scheda video rtx 3050ti?? Adesso funziona con airlink ecc...per oculus quest 2?Grazie a tutti 

RTX 3050ti not supported

I bought a new MSI laptop with an RTX 3050 ti but the oculus app tells me that the graphic card is not compatible, I disabled the integrated gpu and still got the same issue, anyone with a similar situation as me?

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Tunisio by Level 2
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Others getting feedback from me

Someone please help me! When I play games people are getting feedback from me! I don’t understand why, I didn’t change any settings that I remember would effect this but a few days ago feedback started happening. Sometimes I hear it through their mic...

Battery care

This conversation is more of a friendly suggestion.... Its normal and common knowledge that users use powerbanks to extend battery life and play time... I do think there should be an option for the user to manually set an a battery level alert and ho...

Air Link with Unique/Specific Issues

At one point in time, Air Link worked well with my quest and my computer. I had a laptop that was connected to a 5GZ WIFI router, and a quest 2 that was connected over the same WIFI. I had to disable the integrated graphics and enable it again each t...

Facebook account not eligible for Workroom

Hi everyone! So I'm trying to use workroom for the first time for my compagnie and I have some trouble to connect anyone to the workroom, I keep getting the message that my facebook account do not meet the minimum requirement. I tried with a second f...

siroisa by Level 2
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Vr chat seated mode and viewpoint issues

When I play in seated mode with my hands down on my lap holding the controllers my avatars arms are stretched straight out forward. If I stand and hold my arms down at my sides everything looks normal. Is there a way to edit this or trick it into thi...