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Oculus link no working

heres my problem (sorry for my bad english) well i was configurating my oculus link but when i put my avatar profile gets like dark it dosent do anythingit gets like this so i was searching how can help me

xslasher412x_0-1616794468618.png xslasher412x_1-1616794484031.png

Quest 2 controller not tracking

My left controller stopped tracking. I can see battery life is at 100%. I tried putting the battery out and back in. I tried unpairing and pairing again. Neither worked. What can i do? I just got this.

Controller tracking

Is it possible I'm losin controller tracking because I'm so tall and have a massive wingspan? I constantly have my hands in vr fly way off my body and lag back to me especially when I'm making wild swings like in beat saber or gorn. I have 1.5v batte...

19RAM93 by Level 2
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Quest 2 w/ Elite Strap Not Comfortable

Maybe it is just me, but even with the Elite strap, and the VR cover, I'm finding the Quest 2 to be pretty uncomfortable. I'm thinking it is the lack of padding in the back. Hopefully someone comes up with something. I'm coming from the WMR Samsung Q...

Woobisah by Level 2
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Cannot Launch Oculus Home - New setup

Bought the Oculus Quest 2 today and after trying to setup Oculus Home I get past the "Choose Profile Picture" stage and then it gets stuck on a grey/black screen.Reinstalled including deleting leftover files & reg entries, disabled AV/Firewall and up...


the casting is getting really badly

since my quest 1 and 2 update to v23, when Turn off the screen during casting can cause significant delays,This has been bugging me for a long time, but I haven't gotten much better from subsequent updates.This makes it difficult for me to instruct m...

leeonl by Level 3
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Oculus app for PC - Needs to be fixed!!

Hi all. I am temporarly using an ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO graphics card on my PC, while my RX 570 is repaired. I have connected my Quest 2 with the data cable to my PC, and the PC oculus app tells me I have to update the controllers of the graphic card...

Quest 2

I connect my quest 2 upnwith my facebook account and for some reason it isnt working, there is no data on the device everything just bmank and it wont even connect.

Terrible god rays (video included).

Received my quest 2 today. I am very disappointed by the quality of the picture, it has noticable god rays on high contrast text/graphics which are not right in the middle of the view. My other VR headset is a Rift S and it has hardly any god rays at...

Screen mirroring is on, but not working.

Hi, I tried screen mirroring with my TV a few days ago. It worked at first but after a while, it failed. But still I see the "mirroring" is on so I cannot take a screenshot or do live streaming.I tried pushing "stop mirroring" several times, restarti...

Headset freezing

I just purchased the oculus quest 2 and I’m on the headset and I was playing the tutorial game and the headset froze along with the hands is this an issue maybe due to wifi? Or is this a bigger issue anyone else have similar problem? Also can someone...

Best interior for tracking

Hello community, Working on a project which will be played by multiple players in one big room. Is there any pattern that works best for Quest 2 tracking that we can put on our walls/floor? Will sensors work well with monochrome walls? Are there any ...

Power problem

Whenever I charge it it tuns on itself uses the charge and turns off. It is in a loop now of just using charge and not been able to use.

Resolved! Second headset

I originally bought the 64g quest 2 (3 days ago) not realizing how much the whole family would love it and I needed to buy another which ended up being the 256g oneSo my question is...Can I switch the games from the first headset over to the new one ...

Syncing controllers

I try to sync my controllers to my quest 2 but they’re not working. The button on the app is very finicky. When I do get it to work and sync the controllers they blink for about a minute and then goes black. There are times when they sync all by them...