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Oculus Quest 2 freezes on startup V33

My quest updated to V33 and oculus link looks good but in the quest home menu it lags when i exit link and for how fast the battery drains i power my quest off when i'm not using it and 20% of the time when i power up my quest 2 it will freeze on a b...

Resolved! never-ending download of game

I was gifted a Quest 2 on Sunday, and it is now Thursday, so I expect I have a bit of learning to do. I was gifted a couple of games, one of which loaded fine, but the other... I'm trying to download Myst. It's large, and I have pretty slow internet ...

neewom by Level 2
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BHaptics Tactsuit X40 - Distance

Hi, I am considering purchasing a BHaptics Tactsuit X40 and wondering if anyone has used one with a Quest 2 to play Alyx?, I have a couple of questions, 1. Does it work okay?, any issues?2. How far away from the PC are does it work?. Currently I use ...


My Oculus Quest 2 used to be able to watch 8k videos. Now any video above 4k will not play?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest (1) : problem of USB

Hi !I've lost the capability to connect my Quest to my PC through USB.I usualy do this with sidequest for the purpose of testing the apk of a project It began since v.30. Someone here has encount this problem ? Thks, from France

Resolved! Games from other consoles playing on Quest 2

Hi there, I just got my Quest 2 today  Now I want to know, if it is possible to play Games from my PS4 /PS5 Content on Quest 2. And is it possible to play games from the store on Quest 2, which are normally for other Series from Oculus. Thanks for h...

quest 2 different version than PC app

Having a problem where my pc app is on version 33 but my headset is on 32. I wouldn't care much about this but unfortunately it stops the rift link from working at all. connecting my pc prompts switching to rift link at witch when you do just shows t...

V.33 rollout

Many Q2 users on FB are saying they received the v.33 update, and that it makes a big difference in graphic quality using Link Sharpening. Mine is still on V.32 and says "no updates available." Anyone know how and when they plan to roll out the updat...

Kiosk Mode Disabled?

Did one of the latest updates disable Kiosk mode on the quest? My app no longer auto boots after following the process in this link.https://theslidefactory.com/kiosk-mode-oculus-quest/?unapproved=781&moderation-hash=393652e1d83e212806edda679d3f7ecd#c...

Blue semicircle on all the time

The blue boundary line is always on when I use my Quest2. I only ever use the headset in seated mode and do not seem to be able to get rid of it even when using MSFS 2000. I only ever use the Airlink if that is of relevance. Any advice welcome as it ...

Oculus airlink lag

I got an oculus 2 about 4 days ago, and I've been trying to load airlink up but have been having MAJOR problems. as soon as I load airlink up it immediately is slow I try to move around to click on desktop or to go to the store and it is very hard to...

zaydvn by Level 2
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Resolved! Controllers not pairing

Almost 2 months in from my initial problem.....and it gets worse!The problem that I knocked my Q2 of the desk seems irrelevant, it got stuck in pairing mode. But the problem is apparent if you look and see how many having the same issue. I dropped my...

2 headset and one account

Good morning,please i have 2 headsets and one account, so I'm trying to play the game called eleven because it says it can plays multiplayers with one account. However i have not been able to do that, Can you help me? so i can play with the two heads...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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