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Everytime I try to open a game it will not open at all or it will be open for a bit and then it puts me right back in the main hub. I tried to launch games on my phone but it says the game failed to launch. I don’t want to factory reset because I hav...

My game isn't downloading at all.

Today I bought cities: vr for thirty dollars, I've been trying to install it for the past two hours but nothing happened/changed. At first it was downloading then got stuck at 528 mb. Then I did it again but this time it got stuck at 214 mb. Now when...

Cooling fan malfunction

I keep receiving a error code for the cooling fan not functioning properly. It happens at least once everytime I use the Oculus and it is very disrupting esp. in between games. Error clearly says to contact support. Please help

B10110 by Level 2
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Resolved! oculus Home

how do i change my Entry Point Or Even Change It Back to Default? cause its Not Loading The Room Up Since i changed the location to somewhere else



I accidentally denied my computer the permission to communicate with my quest 2 when i had it connected via usb cable and now i get fatal errors on the pc app whenever i launch the link. I also get an error on the quest 2 itself saying it needs to re...


Are Meta/Oculus ever going to bring the PCVR link GUI into this century? It looks so outdated and cumbersome compared to the native Quest 2 interface. Considering how great Virtual Desktop looks effectively doing the same job, they really need to ref...

Oculus quest 2 setup without controller

I brought an oculus quest 2 used from eBay. which come without the controller.so I try to set up Oculus quest 2. I download the mobile app and follow the instruction. because I don't have a controller, the initial setup screen did not allow me to pas...


I have found out that the hand controllers are a bit slippery and I’m constantly trying to get a good grip when using them. I googled for grips and saw a few of them. Will I have to remove the grips when placing them on the docking charger ? Also loo...

Gorilla Tag

My son "stop" was going into a room in Gorilla Tag call Flag. Accidentally spelled **bleep** and was ban? What can we do to get back on?EHbigdaddy

Setting up controls for Alyx

I am trying to simply turn on continuous movement instead of instant turn. I see in the bindings I have continuous on when "USE AS JOYSTICK" but instant turn on "USE AS DPAD". How do I switch between the two? There are bindings for both and I cannot ...

Left controller analog stick drifting

Hello, I bought an Oculus Quest 2 not long ago, received it in the mail two weeks ago and I’m already starting to have really bad drifting problems, It will just drift downwards. I don’t want to go to the extent of pulling it apart due to the fact it...

OCCULUS LINK - Menu disappearance

- The computer does not detect the headset- I plug and unplug the USB-C at the computer [When I plug and unplug at the headset it does not work].- Normally what happens is that there is a message that asks if I want to activate Occulus Link, and then...

Oculus Link cable disconnecting randomly

Hi I'm having a problem with the oculus link on the PC app. it keeps disconnecting randomly whenever I'm playing a PC game then takes me back to the oculus headset home screen and immediately connects again. I know its not the cable because I switche...

Transfer Apps From one Quest 2 to Another?

my son just discovered and purchased a quest 2 and i would like to transfer apps / games i have on my quest 2 (which i haven't used in over a year) to his new unit, i.e. remove the apps / games completely from my quest and have them install on his, i...

Unable to pair Oculus to Workrooms

Hello everyone, I am trying to pair my OQ2 headset to Workrooms. When I sign into workrooms on the OQ2 it gives me a code to enter into the web app. I am able to log into the workrooms web app, but I have no place to pair the headset. They say to go ...

TOFASU by Level 3
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I got a oculus Quest 2 yesterday and i was excited, i got everything to work but the charger i got with the oculus quest 2 doesnt even work, i've tried many wall outlets but it still doesnt charge the oculus quest 2, it only works while i have the ch...

Referral program

Hello I send my referral link to a friend who claimed it before installing her new headset. Now we both didn't get rewarded.Also there is no sign of the referral progress in my oculus app.Can you help me?

Di_lara by Level 4
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Business to Consumer software

Hey peeps, I’ve got gifted a quest 2 by our company cause we don’t use them no more for work. so now I can actually don’t download anything or sideload apps cause they don’t pop up in my App Library. is there any way to flash the quest 2 from busines...

Quest 2 not loading Rift

Woke up to my quest 2 not loading rift when selected from the quest 2 menu in VR. When selected, it flashes the 'O' circle as if it's attempting to load into Rift status but flashes back to the default VR room. All windows drivers have been updated, ...