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Trouble with purchase

Hello I purchased the space explorer episode one ADAPT however when I select play, acts like it will start but brings me back to main screen.....Play or Cancel......so I deleted download and re-downloaded....no luck. am I missing something?

dms11 by Level 2
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Link cable adaptor

Hey guys & Girls. Have the link cable but having issues with my onboard USB-C port, what is a good usb-3 to USB C adaptor to use with link cable ?

Zandil by Level 8
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Oculus Audio

Hello, I am on oculus quest and I'm having trouble with audio. I don't think it has anything to do with oculus link because it is permanently set to oculus virtual device. Even when I am not on oculus link. I tried finding other audio devices but the...

High School Content - Quest 2

I'm sure this has been asked so I'm sorry if that's the case - what content is out there for Quest 2 in a high school classroom? Any content area...I've searched some general articles and came across Victory XR. Any feedback on their product?

Rift to Quest 2

Hi all, I’ve been a rift owner for a few years and today I purchased a quest. I’ve obviously grown a library of VR games on my rift. But I can’t access them on my quest? It prompts me to rebuy the games when I look at them on the quest store. Help..

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Dead Pixel/Blurry lense

When I first bought my quest 2 I thought it was blurry, I ended up asking a friend if his was also blurry also. He said "Yes" so I thought nothing of it. Now after seeing that there is a difference between my blurry headset and his, I've tried contac...

Didn't get my money back yet

Hello, do any of you know how long it takes to get your money back when you bought a game in the store that you didn't like? Last week I bought a game in the oculus store which I didn't like so I have requested my money back, but I have not yet recei...

Quest 2 - settings - connect PC

Hello !I'm a brand new user of Oculus Quest 2. When I first connected it to my PC, it mounted as an external device where I could browse and eventually drag and drop my personal pictures and videos. It was prompting for allowing the connexion within ...

FrMo76 by Level 2
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Quest 2 visual problem with link cable

Having the below problem with multiple games using my Official link cable, everything is OK with the headset when I am disconnected from the link cable. This is not my photo below, but I am experiencing the same thing. From top of toes down. Anyone e...

Quest 2 Link - Display Glitches

This seems to have started after the latest update (v26). Playing some games through link (Dirt Rally 2.0 and Richard Burns Rally in particular) the bottom third of the display gets bright/washed out and pixelated. It happens randomly but within a sh...

AlexiTQ by Level 6
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My quest 2 looses tracking in certain areas.

I have had a quest 2 for quite a while now. On the day I got it, I would use it in a specific area in my basement near a computer (for using oculus link). The headset and controller tracking as been working there perfectly for months now. But recentl...

3sail by Level 2
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Carte graphique compatible?

Bonjour à toute et à tous,J'ai une RTX 3060ti, et je voudrais acheter l'Oculus Quest 2, mais quand je regarde les GPU compatible ça vas jusqu'au RTX 20, est ce que la mienne est compatible?Merci pour vos réponses.

New Quest 2 Owner

Hey all, just spent the last hour setting up and configuring my new Quest 2 64GB...have a vr ready gaming computer coming in 8 days to flesh things out a bit. I’m an old guy who used to be a gamer and then started working all the time...time for me t...

Fitness tracker recommendation needed

I’m probably the last person on earth that doesn’t have a smart watch or fitness tracker. I’m loving exercising with BeatSaber and Supernatural though. Any recommendations for a fitness tracker that is compatible with Quest? I have an iPhone so maybe...

New update for Beat Saber

Since the new update for beat saber is anybody else having problems when playing the game the wand sometimes doesn’t register hit on some of the arrows? Since the update both myself and my daughter are having problems. Just wanted to see if anybody e...

Oculus link, get more vibrant colors?

Just wondering if you can get more vibrant colors with the link cable. I've an rift s and i accedently got more colors in my headset by plugging in my monitor to the displayport and changing the colors then plugging the rift back into that port. Wond...

Resolved! Oculus Link Drive

I just got the Quest 2 so I can play anywhere in my house and so I can play on my PC too. Every time I try to download the link for the Link it tells me I don't have enough space even though I have it on my D drive and I have about 200 gigs free on i...

Quest 2 - Video Apps appear low quality

I've just bought a Quest 2. When I watch any of the video apps offered - e.g. Victoria Falls tour, Everest VR, Jurassic Park Aftermath - the image quality is very disappointing - i.e. think 1970's TV. Maybe naively, I somehow expected them to appear ...