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Fit of Quest 2 compared to original Rift

I currently have a Rift. I do not use it whole lot now as being tethered to the computer is just not enjoyable and my room for my PC is not the greatest for VR. I am looking at a Quest 2, love all the new tech and features and WIRELESS!. My question ...

Asus PN50

Hello, I would like to buy a mini-PC for game playing and to connect my Quest 2. I identified the ASUS PN 50. It looks powerfull enough but before buying I would like some advices. The PN50 is owered by the latest AMD Ryzen™ 4000 Series Renoir Mobile...

Pin number

I tried to buy a game and my 4 digit pin says incorrect meanwhile it was fine last night. I reset my pin saying i forgot my pin and it said it saved. im still trying to buy a game and its still telling me incorrect pin. How do i fix this? I just boug...

Beat saber mods

Hello, I recently got a quest and I love it. One of my favorite games is beat saber. The thing about it though is the songs are getting boring and repetitive. Yes I know there are music packs but those aren’t the songs I’m interested in. I wanted to ...

Quest 2 Protective shell. A must have .

Hi all .. Purchased this yesterday to help keep my Quest 2 clean.This thing is pretty awesome, Light and fits pixel perfect. Enhances the feel of the volume, power button etc.No weight to it and a great feel with added grip. Highly recommended and no...

Bad echo when in multi-player (solved)

Hi allI meet up online in games like Walkabout Mini-Golf with a couple of friends. I'm in Seattle, one is in Montreal, and one is in the UK. We all have Quest 2s. When we meet up, I have a really loud echo, about 1 second delayed, of my own voice. I ...

Best battery that slowly drains Quest 2?

I'm looking for recommendations that keep the battery charged permanently at 80% or slowly dwindles over a long period of time since that will increase the lifespan of the main battery. My understanding is that it would need to be a 1 amp battery. Al...

aguy10 by Level 7
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Link back to failing

After the V28 update things were back to working well for me. Decided to adjust the supersampling options so I can get a bit more out of iracing and bam link started misbehaving again. Rolled back the changes and it’s still happening. Took the PC app...

Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable not connected

I have a very annoying problems. I was able to connect the cable from my quest 2 to the pc and I would hear the connection sound from my pc as well. That I know it is connected. In the vr, the messages, "allow to access to data" and I click deny as d...

QPilot by Level 3
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Resolved! Problems turning ON the Oculus

My girlfriend and I both have the Quest 2. We love the system. Hers is the basic unit. Mine has the extended battery pack and heavier head covering. Hers turns ON just fine.... hit the side ON button and it comes on. When I touch my ON button, I imme...


I have 2 Facebook accounts. For some reason my Oculus 2 won’t let me pair with the Facebook account of my choice. And the app only signs into the other account. How can I have my headset and app on the same account??

Right control menu not working

I bought my oculus is about a week ago and I’m now noticing that my menu button does not react when I’m in game the controller is functioning properly but it’s only when I’m playing a game it will not allow me to go to the menu of the game everything...

Resolved! list of properties we can change from adb?

I frequently see people reference adb commands like "adb shell setprop debug.oculus.textureWidth" but whenever I try to google a comprehensive list of similiar commands I get nowhere. Any idea where I could find them? Or at least how I might view the...