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Sun Damage

Hi. Less than 24 hours after purchase, my Q2 has minor sun damage, caused by briefly walking past a sunlit window indoors. If screens are THIS sensitive to light, then I believe the warnings are not strict enough. Why not supply a snap-on lens protec...

I can't start workrooms in VR mode

My friend started a room and invited me to join that room; I've already accepted the invitation and became a member of the room. However, when I tried to join the room, I could not join in VR mode. When I clicked the "join with VR device," it flashed...

star wars mission dead mans stach

need help stuck in a cave on this game, u enter the cave when door opens a voice box then needs charge the other room has a voice box too u charge it and a voice tells u that a treasure is either buried. or hidden, there a pick hammer there too, and ...


I am trying to cast and record the casts. I connect between my headset and my iphone. I hear an echo of everything I am doing from my phone as I play in the headset. I use the Oculus button on the right controller and stop casting. I power off the he...

Oculus not found by PC link cable fix

I just wanted to post a quick fix in case anyone's an idiot like me. I couldn't use my quest through the link cable for the best part of 6 months because my PC couldn't find the device. I updated drivers, Bios, factory reset, reinstalled Oculus for W...

cant get past "first screen"

I am a new occulus user. Niot able to get past the checkbox screen in apps like Bait. I am asked to select check box and cannot select it for whatever reasons how many times I click on it. All other general stuff working properly. Like I am able to g...

VRARVI by Level 2
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my quest two won't download

Hi I have pretty good internet but my games won't download I tried to restart it and power it off and on but it still won't work I've been trying for a while now but it hasn't even downloaded 1%

Service français et en général

Je désire commencer sur un point positif lorsque j'ai découvert l'oculus et que je l'ai sorti de la boîte j'ai fait waouh c'était super la machine est bien il semble manquer des humains pour répondre au support technique en français si possible car j...

Controllers not pairing

I’ve had my Quest 2 for almost a year now. I don’t have a huge space to play in so I will admit i have hit my controllers decently hard two or three times. The last time that happened was over 4 months ago. The other day i went to play a game on my Q...

I did not get my refund

I refunded my game and it went through but I did not get my money back and I can't download either without paying for it so I wanted to see if yall can help me and get my refunded it was the creed: to glory game please and thank you

Resolved! Lone Echo VR major bug

Hi all, I have being playing lone echo VR on Quest 2 (loving it) and am in the final area where Liv is dying in the chair. I have cleared the vents and am directed to get the defibrillator, located to the left of the doors. I go over to it but cannot...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Ignorant noob questions

My Quest 2 doesn't arrive until Thursday so I'm busy confusing myself about how to setup games. First off, does every Quest 2 game run, albeit slowly, directly on the headset? If not, how do I tell which ones will? Does it take any additional softwar...


I am getting an oculus 2, I have access to a large outdoor space that is very well shaded with maybe only a little light poking through the trees. I was wondering if I would need to worry about sunlight hitting the outside of the headset as well, or ...