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Thumb stick drift to the left.

About a month ago I was in Rec Room having fun with my friends. I was having fun and realized my controllers were making me move uncontrollably. At first I thought it was the game. But now I know it’s my controller. I’m not sure how to solve the prob...

Black screen oculus quest 2

Hi, I recently purchase my vr and it was working fine when I was setting it up. After I set it up I put it down but didn’t turn it off and after couple of hours the screen is just black and I don’t know how to fix it. Any help will greatly appreciate...

jancoky by Level 2
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What's wrong with my Mixed Reality Capture?

Help!I'm trying to set up mixed reality but I can't figure out where it's going wrong.I followed the tutorials and downloaded all the proper MRC software. Every step worked and I'm not sure how I could have a more accurate calibration phase. Nonethel...

MRC fail.png
genLOCK by Level 2
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Air link VS Wired link

Hi all. Only had my quest a few days. I've enabled Air Link and been playing Half Life: Alyx for about 7 hours or so this way - with no issues at all - as such. Also been playing Ragnarock (what a fun game!!) My question is though - would the game lo...

X99MYKE by Level 3
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Quest won't stay turned off

So I'm having intermittent charging issues like alot of other people. Mine seems to charge better when it is turned off... however there's a switch in the Settings to "Turn on when detecting activity", so I switched that off. Then I just turn the hea...

RHunterr by Level 5
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Oculus Link

With v28 rolled out, and Air Link being a thing it's cool and all.... but I did spend almost 100 dollars on a cable and in all honesty, would prefer to continue using it! since the update, I plug in the cable and I don't get prompted to enable the oc...

Pin error

I’ve been trying to purchase a game but it says wrong pin. ‘Ive already change the pin on oculus.com under security. But if i enter in my oculus VR to purchase some game it will not work. Thanx ! best , Lei

Sharing Gameplay With Friends

I wanted to show some of my friends gameplay on the Quest, but I don't know how to do it. I don't have a PC but I do have a phone. The only solution I can think of is casting to my phone and then screensharing on discord. Is there any other way to do...

How do I get a refund label?

I replaced my left quest 2 controller and no longer need it since I found mine. How do I get the link on my invoice to work so I can request my refund return label? This is sooooo frustrating considering I'm computer illiterate. HELP!

Quest 2 Dash fatal error on cable hook up

I get a Dash fatal error message when link Quest 2 via cable to PC. I am using the Oculus cable. I get a green light when test connection. Quest 2 works fine until click on link quest 2 to PC via the cable.Only modification is PC does not have a USB ...

DarrylH by Level 2
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Settings crash

When I open the menu with the Oculus button and go to settings, the menu crashes.Even after several restarts I have no access to the settings area.

trett55 by Level 2
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