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Left controller grip button.

Hi, can anyone give me info on where to obtain a left controller grip button. New or second hand, maybe someone has one from controller which has faults in other areas.Regards Mark.

JAYCHLO by Level 2
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Tracking Fehler beim Starten der Quest

Seit einiger Zeit bekomme ich beim Start meiner Quest 2 die Meldung "Tracking fehlgeschlagen". Diese Meldung kann ich dann einiger Zeit mit häufigem Klicken auf "Weiter" wegklicken - diese Klickerei ist echt nervig. Danach kann ich dann in den Einste...

Oculus referral/free beat saber

My brother has a Quest 2 and convinced me to get one with my birthday money (8/5/22). I bought one and then we saw the referral bonus. Is this too late to get now that I already purchased it? I wish we would have noticed. I also bought within the tim...

Referral has disappeared

I activated my Quest 2 yesterday and I wasn’t sure whether or not the referral code my friend sent me had worked. I asked him and the referral isn’t showing up for him on the Oculus app. Is there another way to confirm the referral is working and we ...

Resolved! can’t submit a support ticket

Dear oculus I’m having an issue with my right controller it’s bugging out and sometimes it will register movement when I’m not even touching it I’ve already tried messing with the dead zones and things like that. I’ve looked into it and I’m told that...

Multiple player in Elven Assassin

Husband & I just got Oculus Quest 2 & are super excited! We have our own devices and are having difficulty finding info on how to do multiple player in these games. I can't believe we both would have to own the same game in order to play together? We...

Horizon World not available UK

I have the very first 64gb Quest 2 bought it pre order in 2020 Oct, Its Aug 2022. In the stores horizon world is still not available. My 2 friends has the 128gb quest 2s. Horizon world are available on their quests. We checked our update. Im on the l...


Hi, my dad put a password on the headset and he doesn't remember the alignment of the password, and so I was trying to pair it to my account but I need to get the 5-digit code inside of the headset but as I can't get it due to the fact I don't know t...

Quest 2 casting still not working

I have seen the posts from a couple months ago, someone said it was being worked on, but the casting feature on the quest 2 STILL does not work via the oculus app on mobile or with chromecast. All devices are on the same network and in the same room ...

notCav by Level 2
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Resolved! v37 Will not update

So I have been trying to update my oculus to v37 for the past 24 hours and it just won’t update it says that it is but after a few minutes if I go off of the page in settings where it says that it is updating and then go back it will says “search for...

Laying in bed /playing I’m a DVET help !!

It shouldn’t of been too hard to understand that ppl aren’t always going to be sitting up or standing up,I’m wheelchair bound and the head gear gave me a headache in 5 mins flat ,my neck hurt so bad I felt like screaming 1 hr in ,why can’t we get a s...

gnx1234 by Level 2
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v38 will not update

So I have been trying to update my oculus to v38 for the past 24 hours and it just won’t update it says that it is but after a few minutes if I go off of the page in settings where it says that it is updating and then go back it will says “search for...

Microsoft Teams on Quest 2?

So I log into Office 365 in the Quest Browser and when I try to launch Teams it attempts to launch but doesn't open correctly - it's been this way for a couple of months now. Somebody did say it used to work. Is there any way to get Teams on the Ques...

Casting to LG TV

My Oculus Quest 2 headset is not finding my LG TV. All devices, iphone, headset, and tv are connected to the same wifi account. please advice how to resolve this issue. thank you... @

Oculus quest 2 setup without controller

I brought an oculus quest 2 used from eBay. which come without the controller.so I try to set up Oculus quest 2. I download the mobile app and follow the instruction. because I don't have a controller, the initial setup screen did not allow me to pas...

Issues with Quest 2 after v43 update.

I have noted 2 issues with my Quest 2 since I got the v43 ( update. First, when I turn on the Quest 2 it will sometimes start up, show my home area and then "boop" once and go dark, requiring me to push the power button a sec...

Oculus Quest 2 Charging problem

So my Oculus Quest 2 isn't charging, I played it until it's dead the other night so I thought nothing about it and put it on the charger, next morning I woke did some stuff came home to a non charge headset and it's still dead, I looked at the cables...

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