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Quest 2 + GamePads

Hi there, does anyone have any feedback about connecting gamepads to the Quest 2? i've tried a couple with very limited results: XBOX One Controller: quest 2 appears to freak out, black screen, then three dots, loses tracking, says it cant connect to...

VPN app does not work with v23 (Quest 2)

Hi guys,my Quest 2 was updated to v23 2 days ago.Now I wanted to use my VPN (ExpressVPN) app on the Quest like usual, but the app does not open anymore. I just see a message with: ExpressVPN is closed again (In German it is ExpressVPN wird wiederholt...

FancyFry by Level 3
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Air Link Lagging

Hello,I have been having issues with the air link on my quest 2 and can not figure out the problem. When entering air link from my computer and entering any game low or high end it starts to have very laggy and low frame like movements. When trying t...

Quest 2 Custom Home Environments

Using "SideQuest" you can install custom environments, but does anyone know if it violates the TOS or not? And does anybody have a record of getting banned for it? Any reply with an answer on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

Zxyeb by Level 2
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oculus app cant reach oculus servers

the oculus app keeps on bringing up oculus cant reach the servers even when the headset is connected. I don't know what to do some body please help. I tried everything uninstall reinstall, delete files ,turn off firewalls ,and antivirus but nothing s...

Quest Link lag issue

Alright so i just got a usb 3 cable to play some rift games on my quest, and as soon as i go into the vr home thingy im already getting some extreme lag. i look around and i start getting 6 fps. im sure my pc is good enough to run this. ive got an i5...

GAYMUR by Level 3
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The new model...

So the new models gets 128gb for the same price as the old 64gb version which is stupid we dont even get anything for it and it is unfair on people who brought the 64gb version because we cant install as many games

Marvel powers United VR

Marvel powers United vr needs to come back, I never actually got to play the game but watching gameplay made me jealous because I never got to play the game. I would love this game to come back on oculus quest 2 or Rift. Oculus please bring this game...

Game won’t install

Game is stuck installing and it won’t download. I have tried to hard reboot, but it just said no command or no subject. Is there a way you could just delete this game from my account (the walking dead saints and sinners) and I could re-download it la...

oculus controllers moving

My sister has the oculus quest and whenever you go to the main page and try to search a game the controllers will move the menu page without you even touching the controllers or when she goes into vrchat her character moves by itself, does she need n...

Невозможно установить приложение Oculus Quest2 на ПК

После попытки установки приложения на ПК возникает сообщение:1) Установка заблокирована. На вашем компьютере установлен антивирус,...Антивирус Symantec вообще выключил, моя учетная запись обладает правами администратора, никаких проблем в установке п...

Невозможно подключиться.jpg Установка заблокирована.jpg
Alex439 by Level 2
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Quest 2 storage and new model

It has recently come to my attention that a new model of the oculus quest 2 has been released at the same price as the original expect with extra storage. I find this very unfair on the people who bought the original model, I know a few people who ha...

Great Sales at BBY 111

We are out of the Occulus Quest 2s at BBY111 but not to worry, check out these cool games on the Facebook Portal. Battleship, Disney Tsum Tsum, Draw Something, Shake It Up-Poker Dice, Sudoku, Super Baseball, and Words With Friends.

Resolved! Games

So I bought a game on my Oculus Quest 2 (Beat Saber), and I can play it, but I noticed I can't record 1080 (only pc) so I went to the app but I have to purchase it again (Even though I'm logged in and connected). It also says purchased on the website...

Oculus Avatar

Why’s the men’s hair so weird? Why it all gotta be ugly? I got bangs and clearly whoever created those hair styles have never seen hair in their life. Anyways the bangs are huge. Like it’s too upper heavy. No one has bangs like that. They did their b...


Phone notifications

When I try to setup phone notifications on my iPhone it says it can’t connect to my quest 2 does anyone else have this problem or a solution for it

itzzkaz by Level 2
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Oculus TV Keeps Stopping

I am having an issue where Oculus TV crashes whenever I try to open it, It eventually tells me "Oculus TV keeps Stopping" I tried contacting oculus support but they were unable to help me and has taken our chat to an email where I was told they are l...

Oculus Link Resolution with v12

With the release of v12 for the Oculus PC runtime, we now allow overriding the default Oculus Link Resolution using the Oculus Debug Tool (ODT) which is located under the .\Support\oculus-diagnostics\ folder of the Oculus PC runtime install path (e.g...

Instillation problem

I’ve been having problems with apps being installed. When I install an app it says it’s being queued in a few days later it hasn’t made any progress I’ve checked if it has enough storage and it has more than enough I’ve tried doing the basics and tur...