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Oculus quest home

wouldnt it be cool if you allow players to actually chill in vr home? actually walk around the area and interact with everything there. it would be cool to also see the people u talk to, using there quest avatar. also leting people come into the home...

installation issues

how can I install an application that is not in the library?is it possible ? i tried to download an app from google? I manage to download the file but not to install it

noorita by Level 2
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Quest 1 vs Quest 2

Articles are popping up all over now with more information on the gen 2 so I'm going to summarize as best I can.The HMD:The screen resolution is roughly 25% higher than the gen 1 providing an overall 50% more pixels at 1832 x 1920 rather than 1440 x ...


How would I return my oculus quest 2 it has been less than 30 days so would I just mail it back to oculus headquarters or something.

Oculus link doesn't work

My computer detects the Oculus without problem, it gives me the option to enter OculusLink, but when I enter it is all black.I am using USB 3.0 port and my computer has an NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1660 Ti.

Occulus Quest 1 Controllers stopped working

I packed my Occulus Quest 1 and Controllers and travelled.I just unpacked everything and tried to use the Quest.It wont recognize my controllers.I opened them and changed the batteries for new batteries, but it makes no difference.I turned the headse...

My quest 2 can't connect to pc at all!

My oculus quest 2 won't connect to my pc. I've done everything I could think of. I turned off air link, I factory reseted my device, I messed with more settings and my device still won't connect. I messed with the settings on the oculus software on m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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problems setting up guardian, height.

some days ago my oculus fell down to the floor, not too serious, just from the sofa. from that point on, i cannot set the height properly when setting up the guardian system. I lay down to the ground one of my controlers as usual, but when i stand up...

OrloPv by Level 2
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keeps loading on headset

every time i try to use oculus link my pc and quest recognises it but when i try to use oculus link it keeps loading with three dots and a dark screen even after 5 min of waiting iv tried updating drivers reseting my pc and the headset with no progre...

Beat Saber

I have purchased beat saber on quest 2, when i go to the quest app on pc, i cant download and it wants me to pay for it again. (this is on the same account). I really dont think i should have to pay for the exact same product from the exact same vend...

Drop Dead duel strike locomotion

I love this game, but other shooty titles like Death Horizon, Population One give me motion sickness issues. I'm therefore looking for other shooting games which have the 'on rails' movement rather than manually moving yourself around. In particular,...

Any hope for a Linux Link? (Oculus Quest)

Title... overly optimistic I guess, just thought I'd ask / feature request anyway. I got an Oculus Quest, and had planned to eventually maybe get another VR from a "competing brand" that's more likely to run on Linux. Unless maybe if there's hope for...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Link Cables

It's honestly amazing how a Nintendo cable from 2004 works as a better connection than both of the Oculus brand cables I've owned, they both broke after a months of use even with the proper care being used to make sure they lasted as long as possible...


A utilização de um quest 2 com uma 1650 te priva de jogar tudo ou apenas alguns jogos não rodarão bem? fora a parte de conexão ele vai ser detectado tranquilamente ou o problema está justamente na conexão?Does using a quest 2 with a 1650 deprive you ...