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Beat saber not free?

So I just got my Quest 2 about 4 or 5 days ago and I remembered that beat saber was supposed to be free. My friend had also just got one a little before me so he had also got it and beat saber. When I went to download the game it said it wasn’t free ...

Resolved! Oculus Quest 2 tracking

So this headset was a Christmas gift in 2021, so still kinda new. Just yesterday I started having this problem. So whenever i’m loaded into a game, and move around some. My oculus thinks it’s moving, and in the game I move to the left or right, then ...

Can't Record Video on Oculus Developer Hub

Hey!The first time I clicked "record" and started the recording.. it worked.. But after that it keeps turning off by itself and doesn't record anything.Basically I click "record", it displays green "recording" and then just simply stops and doesn't r...

My ouclus quest 2 is not changing nor turned on

Ive tried everything in my power to make the quest 2 turn on or charge. But nothing was working. I even contacted meta support and they say i have to charge it for 2 hours and it will turn on. But that didn’t work. I cant play with my friends, i real...

Sele3m by Level 2
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Left controller analog stick jittering down

My 1 year old controller's stick started jittering in calibration when pushing up. I replaced the controller with a brand new one and the stick now has the same issue and jitters down when pushed up after 2 days. Is this some kind of software issue? ...

Are these specs enough for VR?

Hi, I'm buying a PC because my current one is pretty bad, and the specs seem pretty good. I was wondering however, if it can run VR? I currently have a Quest 2 and im looking to do Air Link or the Link Cable. The specs for the PC are below. Thanks! N...

Unable to share videos

everytime i share a fken video it says unable to share videos i connected my facebook i restarted my headset i feel like smashing this stupid thing on the floor such bull**bleep**, i post on youtube all the time now it doesnt work oculus is BS.. now ...