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Aucun audio pour le casque

Bonjour, Quelqu'un sait comment régler ce problème ? ça m'arrive seulement en étant connecté en LINK, toutes le vérifications possible ont été faite sur les périphériques audio, merci de votre aide.

link800 by Level 2
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Camera compatible

Hi, now i’m using vr oculus quest2. So i’d like to know that are there any action camera can be compatible with ? And what brand do you reccommend? Thank you

muktui by Level 2
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Controller lost tracking

So i was playing echo vr, and i dropped my controller on my carpet pretty light kinda hard, and now its just floating i can press buttons i cant move it its lost tracking. how would i fix that i factory reset it, i cleaned my lenses i unpaired it and...

Luney- by Level 2
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Resolved! Permission Controller keeps stopping error

Ever since update, I can't play Beat Saber on oculus cause of a " Permission Controller keeps stopping error". I reinstalled the controllers, reset the goggles, but it didn't help. I don't know what I should do to get the application working. I've ne...

Download games onto PC or Quest2 itself

Hello, I am just wondering is it better to download the games onto my pc or the quest 2 (128gb) itself? which is better performance? I am loving the headset, had the PS4 one before but hardly used and find this a huge step up so want to make sure I u...

All Quest2 library apps was missing....

(Quest2)Yestday, I noticed all the purchased apps in my Oculus library was missing, including the in-set browser and TV application cannot work. Apart from that, everything is fine. I checked the storage status, and those missing apps still ocuppying...

Controller not registering with some apps

Hi, bought a new oculus quest 2 a couple of days ago. For the most part, it works fine. But for some reason when I load some apps like firefox reality, vrchat and eden unerathed, the controllers are unable to click on anything. I am able to point to ...

SteamVR fail after update

Hello all,I have several hundred hours of use over link on my Quest 2 and immediately after getting the update today I can't get it to work. I've already gone down the "can I just revert to the older patch" rabbit hole when they've rendered link usel...

My quest wont update games.

My Quest 2 won't update games (such as gorilla tag). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but I couldn't reinstall again. I restarted my Quest and updated the system, but I still can't reinstall or updates any games.

Oculus Quest 2 freezes on startup V33

My quest updated to V33 and oculus link looks good but in the quest home menu it lags when i exit link and for how fast the battery drains i power my quest off when i'm not using it and 20% of the time when i power up my quest 2 it will freeze on a b...

Resolved! USB stick with OTG Adapter on Oculus Quest 2

Hi Guys, I've recently bought an Oculus Quest 2 64 GB and currently trying to watch videos on my USB Stick via Big Screen and Pigasus VR Media Player on the headset. I've got an USB-C to USB 3.0 OTG adapter which I use to connect the USB stick to the...

Resolved! Oculus Link Infinite Loading?

I've been using Quest + Link almost since release and it has been working just fine but now all of a sudden it has stopped working. It says on the oculus client that my Quest is active and ready to go. I put on the headset and enable oculus link. Whe...

Oculus Link on Mac M1 Macbook Pro

I recently got a new 16gb M1 Chip MacBook Pro 2020. And I would like to use it to play games on my Oculus Quest 2 through steam. I have steam VR downloaded, but I can't seem to find the Oculus link app available for mac. Please let me know how I play...

Resolved! never-ending download of game

I was gifted a Quest 2 on Sunday, and it is now Thursday, so I expect I have a bit of learning to do. I was gifted a couple of games, one of which loaded fine, but the other... I'm trying to download Myst. It's large, and I have pretty slow internet ...

neewom by Level 2
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