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Gpu/AMD problem

Hello everybody ❤️Im here because i have an issue with gpu while being linked to vr ready pcPc specs:GPU:Rx 480 4gbCPU: I5-2500ki dont think u need more info xdand when i had GTX 1050ti All games were playable i was able to play most of the games at ...


Ocolus defekt

Ich hatte meine Oculus Quest seit zwei Monaten nicht mehr benutzt und als ich versucht hatte sie anzuschalten wollte einfach nichts mehr laden die Oculus Quest funktioniert zwar noch aber keine Menüs werden geladen und es kommt immer eine Fehlermeldu...

Homescreen become pixelated

Hello, I noticed whenever I open the homescreen and certain games like VRChat, the graphics somehow become pixelated and blinks. Does anyone experience the same and know how to fix this? Not sure whether it's a hardware or software issue. Thanks in a...

Controller not connecting

My left controller is not connecting on my Oculus Quest 2. A month ago I noticed the power on it was very low, then lower, and now it's not connecting and not functioning. And now my right controller is at 40%. There doesnt seem to be anyway to charg...

AirLink Speedtest

HivAll, Is there an app that can run on quest 2 to test the actual airlink lspeed between pc and headset? A bit like how in oculus app when connected by usb can test the usb link speed. Basically i want to see what the real life transfer rate actuall...

I can only see the boundry on quest

I used my VR headset like usuall yesterday, today i can only see the boundry i have created. Everything else is black, i can't see my hands either. The buttons on my controller works, but only holding in the home button. There has to be something i c...



o-tuki by Level 2
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Dead Effect 2 Gets Surprise App Lab Release

Great news for Quest stand-alone only users  "The game launched on the service last week for $19.99. As the name suggests, Dead Effect 2 VR itself is a full port of the original game. The VR edition launched in 2017 on PC VR headsets after a stint o...

Zenbane by Level 15
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My child left our new oculus quest 2 out of the case and the dog chewed the side bracket that the head piece connects to. Do I have any option on upgraded head pieces that may come with adaptors to fix the chewed  




New oculus trouble turning on

My Oculus is brand new I turned it on it first had a whole set up and boot up setting but I turned it off by accident then it turned back on but not to the settings I had kay time it was just the Oculus symbol and after a few seconds it would Turn of...

GoGoFan by Level 2
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non funtioning quest 2

Hi, i have a 6 month old quest 2 . last night i started it up and saw an image which looked like a cpu (chip).when it fires up there is a stationary guardian area to the side which if i step into turns the screen black. when i'm outside the space i c...

Adjustable Head straps for Quest 2

Hi, I am purchasing 2 x Quest 2 for use at a community hall by senior members of our community.I am seeking recommendations for suitable replacement head straps which are quickly, simply & easily adjustable as we will share the headsets amongst many ...

Golds01 by Level 2
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Linking Quest 2 with Oculus VR PC App

Hi there, I just had a general question about linking my Oculus Quest 2 with the Oculus PC app. My main dilemma is that I don't have one of the Link cables usually required, and on top of that, my PC does not have a USB-C port. Is there any way that ...

Oculus 2 won't boot fully

My Oculus Quest2 updated the other day and it won't boot to the menu screen.It boots up if I leave the guardian I can see the guardian, but can't play any games, any ideas?Tried holding the power down and restarting, tried running a game from the app...