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Lost Email and Pin

Hello,Im trying to reset my pin but in order to do so i need my email to access the email you guys send to reset the pin. The email on my account is no longer active so i cant get into it. Thank you for your help !

Resolved! Right controller starts to go crazy

My quest 2 is around 2 months old and ever since the day that im sending this, it’s loosing tracking and keeps on vibrating, which also means that the controller is connecting and disconnecting back and forth, (this is on my right controller by the w...

USB (3.2) port changes from Quest 2 to MTP

Hello, Looking for any help. Im trying to connect my Quest 2 Oculus to my PC Levono Legion computer. The problem is my USB Port( 3.2) changes from Quest 2 to MTP. Which is Media Transfer Protocal vs Data tranfer. And then the Oculus doesn't recognize...

Quest 2 Mic sounds bad and low

Hello alli just got my Quest 2 a few days ago and i love it.But yesterday i wanted to play multiplayer with a freind who have a Rift s.We started a call group in the internal oculus chat system and i could hear him just fine using he's build in Mic o...

Mic glitches while in party

Hello there, I wanted to ask if someone experiences (or does not experience it anymore) the same issue as I do. Whenever I hop in a party with 1-3 friends, in the beginning, it always seems to be working just fine, however once every 2-5 minutes my p...

Gajoes by Level 2
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Resolved! Link Stutters on new gpu

So i just upgraded my gpu (RX 6600 8GB) to play better vr, and now everytime i use my link it jutters and stutters all over the place, used to run smoothly on my old R9 270X 2GB, which isnt even supported, and is 10 years old My specs areI5-4670K16 G...

K.Y.S by Level 3
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Potrzebuje pomocy

Witam, posiadam urządzenie oculus quest 2.Czy jest możliwość zgrania gier z PC na oculsa tak aby grać na samych goglach bez komputera.

AXIVR by Level 2
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App Sharing of [DLC] content

Hello everyone,. I own two Meta Quest 2 headsets, one for my partner and one for myself. I am sharing my app library with her account, so she can have her own progress and play games without disturbing my progress - great feature. However, I had to l...

My Oculus signed me out

Oculus signed me out. I can login on a web browser just fine. I know my passwords. Logging in on the actual Oculus is just a repeating loop. Once I log into Facebook It then prompts me to login to my Oculus account. It tells me the password is incorr...

Oculus Link would not work on Windows VM

I am running a Windows VM on a MacBook Pro to run Oculus Link and use my Oculus Quest 2 but the Oculus app would not detect the VMware Graphics adapter. VM Graphics Spec -Device Name - VMware SVGA 3DManufacturer - VMware Inc.Chip Type - VMware Virtua...

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My right controller isn’t showing on the vr I changed the battery and did the pair thin and the light wouldn’t blink but it still said it was paired can you help me?

Space Sense can't turn OFF

I turned on space sense to give it a try, horrible experience, buggy and annoying in game, and now I can't turn it OFF anymore.Please SUPPORT don't answer "go to experimental feature, easy" like you are doing everytime, give us a solution to this pro...

Smash Hit - Quest 2

Smash Hit was one of the most popular titles for Gear VR and Oculus Go. See on Oculus Store: HEREIt had a very highly addictive and interactive gameplay with amazing visuals and immersive soundtrack. People who have tried this on Gear VR & Oculus Go ...

meta quest 2

Hallo, I connected quest 2 to wifi and iPhone but when I press the oculus button I will not be connected to the main menu, what can I do? The display shows only press the oculus button.

Which angle is Quest 2 sensors blind area?

sorry, I am Chinese. My English is not good. 我想了解Quest 2的感測盲區(角度範圍)。例如當控制器或手擺放在哪裡時,Quest 2就會感測不到? 我想知道準確的可感測角度,(垂直的和水平的),但我都找不到答案。 在網路上只有FOV的資訊,但沒有感測區域的,還是這是相同的東西?

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