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Quest 2 / Quest Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Bring Your Desk into VR We’ve added the ability to place a virtual desk on your real desk to use while you’re in VR. You can see and use this Desk in the Ocu...

Oculus Link isn't working

When I plug it into my computer, it just gets stuck showing a black screen with 3 dots. And the Oculus app says that a Quest software update is recommended, but it's on the latest version. Please help me.

Oculus order

I bought the quest off the website with a ships by date of July 18. Today they are on sale with a ship by date of June 25. Do you think mine will come sooner??? July is along time to wait!!

jtmills by Level 2
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Not seeing library in Quest

Hi folk,I have had A CV1 and a RIFT with no issues. Decided on a Quest. I can connect with Devices near you. but cannot with add a device. Tried a Tablet and a Phone. BTW, the link works great when at PC. If I connects with devices near you I cannot ...

Link not working after update

Hello everyone,My Oculus Link doesn't work anymore after updating my Quest to the 13.0 version and activating the BETA RELEASES for my oculus software on PC (that is now on 13.0 too)Is that normal ?If i disable the beta release for my oculus software...

Quest / Go Build 16.0 Release Notes

Update 4/27/2020: Hey everyone - just wanted to give you a heads up that you should expect to see another software update, which will begin rolling out to a percentage of users today. This hotfix fixes a bug that sometimes caused sideloaded applicati...

Link Not connecting through USB3

1. Using a partyling Usb-c to Usb-a adapter, as my pc does not have a usb-c port.2. The first time I plugged the quest into my pc, I clicked "deny" for the pc to access data, as the official page says, and then nothing happens. I get an infinite spin...

Any hope for a Linux Link? (Oculus Quest)

Title... overly optimistic I guess, just thought I'd ask / feature request anyway. I got an Oculus Quest, and had planned to eventually maybe get another VR from a "competing brand" that's more likely to run on Linux. Unless maybe if there's hope for...

raron by Level 4
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Obstacles scanning

Do the Oculus Quest 6DOF tells you when you are going too close to an obstacle that you can stumble over and fall over because it is made for mobility and doesn't have base stations. Or has it?

Voice control

Ok, am I doing something wrong here, I read a while back, voice control was slowly being rolled out to the Quest, I have now gone through versions 12, 13, and now 14, but still no voice control, am I missing something here?Thanks.

Piperye by Level 4
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