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Install Failure

Every time I have tried to download a game onto my Quest, it fails to download and says "install failed." I have seen other people on the forums with this issue. Has the oculus company addressed it in any way?

Quest 2 Questions.

2 Questions for the forum.First of all, I have a motherboard that is out of date therefore I dont have a USB type C port. Had to use a converter so my question is does this effect performance levels considering the fibre optic nature?Second issue is,...

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Linking Quest 2 to PC - Help Needed

HelloI have a Quest 2 and having trouble getting it to connect the headset.I have a 3.0 USB cable and port, which shows as 'connected' and get a green tick on the Oculas Hub when I run the test. However when i then try to connect the device using the...

oculus link issue

so i recently got a oculus quest 2 for Christmas and i got a oculus link cable i tried it on my laptop and it worked but i had very bad specs for it so i got a new pc with all the right specs for vr and now when i try plugging my link cable to my pc ...

Strap with battery

Hey everyone, sorry if this has already been posted, I searched and didn't find it.I already have the elite strap for my Quest 2, but I'm considering the elite strap with the battery in the future.....but I was wondering, is it simply a strap with a ...

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Is there a way to watch my personal library from Plex on Oculus Quest 2? I have the Plex server set up on my Windows 10 computer and currently can use plex on my phone, smart tv's, roku, and chromecast.thanks!

Best video describing visual imperfections?

Unfortunately it's not in English. So you have to select the English subtitles. I would like opinions on his video. My take away was that differences from one headset to another is normal unless it's very obvious blurriness outside of Centerview. Bec...

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Elite Strap with battery noisy

Hi,I'm using Elite Strap with battery since several hours and find it very comfortable and well balanced. However it makes some noise when moving the head, mainly plastic cracks noise and the wheel used to fix it is also moving making some distractin...

Quest 2 Blur

When I turn on my quest 2 I See Blur and like some brightness and I always be wiping the lens but that don't seem to help and it just stays blury anyone help?

Switch Facebook Account

I would like to get rid of my Facebook account and switch our Oculus account over to my husband's Facebook account. Is there a way to do this and have all our content/games transfer to his Facebook?

Hand tracking too high

I don't know if this is a temporary issue or if it is just how hand tracking is or if it's cofigurable, but if I'm sitting down, especially on my sofa, I can't get the pointer to go low enough. I can't even get half way down, because my legs get in t...

Oculus Link Lagging and Stuttering

Hello, I have been trying to use oculus link for the past two days with no success The menu, games, and steamVR run poorly. Now it's not unplayable, but could be much much better. My specs are:gpu- amd radeon rx 5600 xtcpu- amd ryzen 3600 6-core proc...

Quest 2 Elite Strap Availability.

I ordered the Quest 2 Elite strap with a battery pack when I ordered my Quest 2. I know there were delays because of issues with the product. My original order was backlogged and I was content with waiting. I recently checked my order status about a ...

oculus link fail

i am having an issue with oculas link it keeps on crashing my computer has the more than the recommended specs i have played useing link before my cable is fine i have restarted both my pc and the headset multiple times it continues to crash. i even ...