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Read my review on Something new reviews

Hi guys, i have written an article on the Quest 2 on my website/blog Something new reviews. Please have a read of it and feel free to start a conversation on the bebsite article:https://somethingnewreviews.wordpress.com/2020/10/14/oculus-quest-2-is-t...

Quest 2 Shipping

I pre ordered the quest 2 on Amazon about a week later than when it was announced. I just got a delivery estimate email from Amazon saying that I can expect it to be delivered on release day? Does this make any sense? I understand that they will most...

JustFlum by Level 2
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I have two questions about my quest 2

When I first set up my quest 2 after pairing it to my phone all I got was a gray screen. I gave it a minute or two and nothing happened so I turned off my quest and plugged it in. When I turned it back on it just asked me to create my guardian. I cre...

CoLvR16 by Level 3
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becoming developer without credit card

Hello, im trying to become developer, but if i try to make a organisation i need to add a credit card and i dont have that.At first you didnt need to have an credit card so i wanna know why you need it now and why i cant make it.

Party chat

So after a long wait to get the Quest 2 and have everything installed and working properly.... Party chat isn't working. Yes im unmuted, yes they are unmuted. I can hear one of the people im trying to talk with but nobody else can hear anybody else. ...

Sign Out Of Account

Hi All,I want to start developing on my fiances quest 2 but I cannot seem to sign out of her account.If anyone can help we with this I'd really appreciate it.Thanks -Zebedee

Zebede3 by Level 2
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Acquisto di giochi

Ciao, ho appena acquistato due visori e ho intenzione di prenderli per tutti i membri della mia famiglia per giocare tutti insieme. Ho però visto che per configurarli vanno collegati a degli account FB.. da qui il mio dilemma.. se compro un gioco.. l...

Sidequest and Quest 2

Has anyone managed to install games such as QuakeQuest and Quake2Quest onto the Quest 2? Sidequest is showing them as installed, but I'm unable to find them on the headset (via Windows explorer) to add the full pak files. It seems Pavlov Shack and th...