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Quest Link (on Mac Bootcamp with eGPU)

So I have been trying to get my Quest working on my Mac and can't seem to make much progress....1. Windows 10 is installed through Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro (2017, Intel Core i7)2. My built in GPU is a Radeon Pro 560. When I tried running Oculus, I ...

Oculus link not working. Please help!!!

I want to play Boneworks but I can't get the link working. It says it's connected and active but it also has the red X saying "USB 3 connection required".My cord is USB 3 and it's in a USB 3.0 slot on my pc. I have all the specs for the link and all ...

Oculus Link for Quest

Hi U.K Oculus Quest users! I've just discovered a great company (who I have no connections with) to buy a gaming P.C for Oculus Link! Has all the right spec. (I checked with the Oculus Link official website) £399 new, with a six year guarantee! www.u...

Quest Conversions.

Im wondering if this will trigger any conversions to the Quest seeing as portable is looking more attractive as a userbase. I wouldnt mind some titles like Titanic VR as an example converted as a quest installation.

Authentication Problem.

There is a new problem with my oculus quest. Whenever it tries to connect to the wifi, it keeps 'authenticating', and either saying "Saved" or "Authentication Problem". Do you know how to fix this new problem?

Family account

I have owned GO, Rift S, and Quest. I have bought probably well over 100 games on my oculus account. I just pre ordered 3 Quest 2s so that my family can play multiplayer games together. My question is: Xbox let’s me have one console (in the living ro...

Battery Pack and Link

I am planning on getting the Quest 2 and the battery pack. I am assuming that like with most battery packs, there is a port for charging. Does the battery pack also have a pass-through for charging and using Link at the same time to play Rift games?

Playing Rift S Games On Quest 2

Sorry in advance as I know this will have probably been asked before, however I've searched and couldn't find a definitive answer.The Oculus FAQ says this:Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest don't support the same Oculus Store.Oculus Rift S works with the...

Finjoe by Level 2
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PC requirements for oculus quest

With the new arrival of the oculus quest, I had to get my hands on it, but now I am wondering if my pc will be able to run the oculus link feature. Currently running a setup, with:CPU- i3-9100F CPU @ 3.60GHzMobo-H310M PRO-VDH PLUSRAM- 16GBGPU- RADEON...


So I have a question about the Quest 2. I am planning on buying it, etc. But I have an old just classic Oculus Rift. The headset itself is broken, but the lighthouse sensors are still perfectly fine. Will the lighthouse sensors be able to be used alo...

Facebook vs Europe - Oculus Situation Discuss

Not good news and Quest 2 is coming which needs Facebook account linking. What about Oculus then if Facebook will block all it's Europe users, will it still work EU area or not because users need Facebook account to use Quest 2? Wise move from FB wou...

VRDuude by Level 3
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NET Quest 2 and Link Cable

I wanna know if I can play in Quest2 without NET.Another thing, this "new" cable link looks like same specs of the older, this means we will lose some quality with our PCVR connection using Cable Link, right?I think USB are USB-C are the worst way to...