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PC Crash

(The following text is a translation from Japanese to English by DeepL)So I bought Oculus Quest2 on 7/8 and until 7/18 I was able to use Oculus Link to launch SteamVR and OVRAS and play VRChat normally, but lately, if I keep it running for 5-10 minut...

t7wl by Level 2
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Yellow spot on screen of Oculus Quest 2

My Quest 2 has a yellow spot on the screen. It can be seen from the left and right lens. I keep it in Official Oculus Case. I havent used it for 6 days but when i turned it on the yellow spot was there. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the yellow...

EHIHC by Level 2
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Oculus can't see my WIFI at home

So, I can connect my Quest 2 to my Mobile devices (tethered) which is also my work WIFI solution. There are no issues with this. When I bring my Quest 2 home, it cannot see my home WIFI network. Also I cannot see any of my neighbours WIFI signals. I ...

DafdMe by Level 2
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Watching downloaded movies?

If I go into fileviewer and open a vr file, I do not get the opportunity to change it in a way so that it is compatible to the 3d standard for oculus. It is displayed as a movie with 2 movie screens next to each other. Is it the case that this option...

Cant connect with airlink

Hello, i'm struggling to fix this issue but I can't. When I press the match boton in the headset settings a warning jumps in saying that the connection has been lost. both dispositives are updated and in the same network. I appreciate any help.

Resolved! Quest link pixels

Hi, i just got my second quest 2 because the first one was broken. My problem is now whenever i use the original cable i can count all the pixels in the screen. When im using it as stand alone or with airlink the screen is so much sharper anyone that...

quest 2 with 5G cellular network?

Quest 2 is equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon XR2 soc and I learned from Qualcomm's website that XR2 was capable of 5G mobile communication. I want to test the performance of Quest2 under 5G network instead of Wi-Fi. How can I enable Quest2's 5G net...

weida02 by Level 2
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Latence en vr + détection link rift

Voici mes 2 petit problème qui ferais que j'ai besoin aide ma vr a une latence niveaux lag en jeux une petit latence mais sur steam vr c une latence ou meme parfois la texture de mes main disparait de plus en cable link il m'appel sa rift alors que j...

[q2] System Update Status [v42]

What is the current os version released on q2 headsets? What is the Status of Quest Pro/Cambria/ or any other new Meta vr experiences? When does the new os system update download release? Elite strap, quest 2 / 64gb, Lenovo i3 netbook!

When does the Meta Account go live?

Bought a Quest 2 a few days ago after reading that Meta was dropping the Facebook requirement in August 2022. I tried to set up the Quest 2 and it's still asking for Facebook... I have no option to sign in using my Oculus account that I use on my Que...

Resolved! Using Quest 2 on a ship?

I work on a ship, and i brought my Quest 2 with thinking I'd be able to use it on board. Sadly IT seems I was mistaken as the tracking is ALL over the place when the ship moves with the waves. Is it possible that something is wrong, or is it maybe so...

Support for low vision users.

Hello. I finally got my Quest 2 and it works really well.I have only 2 things I've run into so far.The first is what I figured. During the setup, the environment was a static sphere, like what you see in a 3d video.So, I could not lean in to read any...

Resolved! Quest Explorers? Legit or Scam?

Hi All, I got an email supposedly from Meta regarding Quest Explorers, a research group. The email itself seems reasonably legit, and it links to a lot of content within Meta and eventually takes you to a site called "questexplorers.com" which asks f...

cj7hawk by Level 3
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Link Lags when play with OBS

After updating to version 42, when playing through a link, it doesn’t matter whether it’s AirLink or a wired link, what are the settings, bitrate, screen frequency, resolution, it doesn’t matter, but there are very unpleasant and constant lags, ONLY ...

Awangl by Level 2
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Meta / F.B. / Oculus

https://unlimited-tech.com/.../meta-quest-2s-price-hike.../https://www.tomsguide.com/opinion/meta-quest-2-price-hikeBesides attempting to claim the Quest 2 headset they sent me as brand new factory sealed, when clearly it is NOT & placing their own n...

Cant set up oculas

I got a oculas quest 2 no controllers to use with hand tracking because I could not afford one with the controllers and I'm planning getting them in the future but the oculas won't let me set up anything its just stuck on connect controllers is there...

Resolved! Meta robbed me on 30 dollars

Meta did not make it clear at all on how to redeem referral credit, now me and my friend both missed out on receiving 30 in store credit and I'm not happy aboutmetas approach to the program or the way they handled it. And as far as I can see, there i...

Purchases won’t work

I just recently got my quest 2, and when I tried to buy a game it said “request not completed. We noticed something unusual and, for your security this request couldn’t be completed.” I know there’s nothing wrong with my card, because I use it for pu...

Upload error with no info

I'm trying to upload the app to the alpha channel, but I keep getting the same error no matter what changes I make.The error is this:ERROR: Sorry, we encountered a problem while processing the file you uploaded. Please try again later.Posting the log...

dsFury by Level 2
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