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prime in us

I've never been able to use Prime video. When I first got Quest I did play. Some movies but it was acting up really bad. But I ain't played in a while and decided to jump on VR again. I went to Prime video and of course it don't play at all and it di...

Oculus problem

I bought a game I steam and I didn’t know I had to get a computer I watch a video how to play games on steam and it said I need to air link or link so I chose air link and after downloading the oculus app on my computer and couple minutes installing ...

'Continue in Your Browser' - App login

I am trying to log in to the Oculus App on my PC, I have plugged in my headset, I clicked 'Continue with Facebook', then the next screen tells me to: 'Continue in Your Browser. To confirm your Facebook login, please switch to your default web browser...

pogchomp by Level 2
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GTX 1650

Hi, I just want to know if the oculus quest 2 supports the 1650 graphics card, I want to buy it for the new f1 game, could you tell me if it’s worth it yo buy it for this graphic card?

Casting for oculus 2

I think oculus should make it accessible to use hotspot and cast from the same device, not everyone can get a second wifi source to cast from. Sometimes i want to be able to show the people around me what in doing or if someone else is playing i want...

Cannot Disable Developer Mode

I can't disable to Developer Mode on the Quest. The slider can be changed in the app, but nothing happens in the actual headset.Other options that are changed in the app also change on the headset as they should (power off time etc), but nothing for ...

Oculus Quest 2 White noise Display Issue

https://youtube.com/shorts/M7G5QgaqDPU?feature=shareWas bought 5 weeks ago and arrived 3 weeks ago and in the process of setting up it did this display issue. which i did a usual Factory reset and it was supposedly fixed for a while. only today did i...


Air Link stuck on pairing

I connect my headset to my PC, I click on the Connect button and then nothing. It gets replaced by a Greyed-out Launch button that never activates, and the headset even starts lagging for about a minute. Cable link works fine. Tried rebooting everyth...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! POWER OFF isn't POWER OFF

Hi, New Oculus 2 user here. I'm trying to figure out how to fully shut down the Oculus 2 so no battery is being used after charging it to 100% and putting it away for the night. I always come back to find that my battery isn't fully charged (aka at a...

Oculus Quest or Quest 2

I am disabled and have a hard time getting around. Being on SSI I only make $630.50/month and with bills I have no extra money during the month. I am hoping someone on here will see this and have an Oculus Quest 1 or 2 they'd be willing to donate to ...

Add horizon to quest 1!

I’ve downloaded horizon worlds on a quest 1, expecting it to work, and it gives me a notice telling me that it needs a quest 2 headset! Ether bring support or don’t show quest 1 as supported at all!

oculus link impossible to launch a game

Hello, I have a problem when I try to launch a vr game on my quest 2 with the oculus link the game starts to launch but makes me go back to the screen with the blue mountains, and an hourglass icon is displayed, it tells me that the game is in use bu...

Quest controller not working

The left controller works perfectly but as soon as I pair the right one. None of the buttons can be pressedThe tracking is still functional and the left controller alone is working finebut as soon as the right controller pairs. It corrupts all the bu...

App drawer drop down menu

Hey all, I would really love the ability to rename , re order the group names in my dropdown menu(maybe even hide some or delete them from the uninstalled page if you know you don't want them again) in the app drawer, so then I can move my games and ...

Shamack by Level 3
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i had my oculus quest 2 for about a year and a half and stopped play for about 5 months and when i got on the sound just didn’t work and i’m very confused as to what’s going on

luverz by Level 2
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Stuck In "Immersive View" Mode Oculus Quest 2

When playing sideloaded or downloaded vr videos/movies on the Oc 2 tv player, they play in "immersive view" mode now...all the time...every video. And while they play in immersive mode, the in-video see through control panel stays up, and will not go...