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Why did my Quest Rest itself?

I put my quest on my face this morning after having it powered down the past couple of days and saw the text "Erasing" and then it turned on and was completely empty. I had to re-setup my device as new and re-download everything (which is a lot).Any ...


I just bought my son the Oculus Quest for X-mas and he only played less then a day when the home screen stopped loading. We had just bought Beat Saber when this happened. We looked up the issue and did the restart it suggested and still nothing. It b...

Tennis on Quest

Is there a good tennis game available on the Oculus Quest, or is there any plan for one? It seems like the Quest would be a great platform for one, with the freedom of movement that you have.

10afly by Level 2
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Hand tracking can be improved by a lot.

I'm really liking it so far and the community of quest users are improving it so I'd like oculus to see it and improve the occlusion soon, id be miles better then, i seen a reddit post of someone improving it, id say that oculus should make quests ha...

Resolved! Link problem after update

Updated oculus software to latest version and alsoreset my Oculus quest and since then having awful problems trying to get Link cable to work/3 dots hanging forever/Oculus Rift page frozen etc etc etc. tried now for 3 hours and still no luck. Have tr...

Link Cable USB 3.0 Connection Required

Everything was working great up until 3 weeks ago when my Oculus Quest would not connect stating USB 3.0 required.My PC only has USB 3.0 & 3.1. I checked the drivers, fine. I bought a PCI-E USB 3.0 card and fitted still USB 3.0 connection required er...

BoxVR tracking

Hi everyone,I've played BoxVR for a while now, but I have less and less desire to return. Whatever the way to hit, some movements are not taken into account and I cross the targets. It's almost impossible to do a perfect score. So frustrating...I've ...

Roomscale Boundary Error

Been having an error with my roomscale boundary where I can't make one. Every time I press continue after drawing out my boundary it switches to stationary boundary for some reason. Can somebody help me?

Oculus Quest Distortion

On my 2nd day of ownership, I noticed significant distortion of the image occurring when rotating my head. This occurs even in the main menu. Elements of the scene appear to warp and change dimensions as they move across the lenses. I spent some time...

Quest Link - Red X

Hi,I couldnt find any info about this. When you get a red X during the setup, is it a cable issue? Or a "not enough power" issue? I tried 4 different cable types (not the anker), and all give me a red X when trying to setup the quest.CheersJhaquo

jhaquo by Level 2
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64gb quest stock in Australia

I have noticed that a lot of places have been getting there stock but Australia hasn't been stocked I a while could you please stock up 64gb oculus quest for Australia when you can because of what's been happening in the world

Nokieo by Level 2
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