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Question on quest 2

Hello,I come to ask for some information concerning the quest 2.I bought it 15 days ago with the official cable link and I am asking myself a few questions to which I cannot find the answers.Currently I am testing half life alyx, I was able to observ...

Wifi doesent connect

So, today. I was playing onward, then I got disconnected. I thought I got vote kicked for no reason. So I was going to join another social match, but multiplayer wasn’t available. So I checked my wifi and sure enough. Connected-No wifii tried turning...

Pairing problem

The oculus app on my phone is not accepting the 5 digit code. Why?The code squares dissappear as I type the last digit, faster than I can see the digit appear. is that normal?After a few seconds a message that the app can't find a headset with that c...

App works on QUEST but crashes on QUEST 2!!!

I developed an app in Unity. It has a menu having some VR180 videos (in-built). User can select and play it. The app size is around 2.3GB.Unity version is 2019.4.16f1. And I am using the legacy XR with oculus integration.It initially crashed on quest...

Prevent sleep mode

I have an app that is caching files for quite some time. I would like to prevent oculus from going to sleep mode. How can I force oculus to stay awake even if user removes headset? (I know there is an old post about this from 2016 but I doubt it is u...

air link

hey does anyone know how to make air link work on the quest 2 as iv been trying since the update and it will connect to my pc using the air link but as soon as i press launch it puts me bk to the oculus home world any one know how to fix it.my pc is ...

Resolved! Oculus Quest 2 stuck on logo when boot

So I was playing VRchat and I was playing it for 2-3 months since I got the vr headset but then the screen started glitching and was laggy but I was able to shut it down. Next day full charged I put it on and then started it but it was stuck on the b...

erase payment information

Hi, how would I go about deleting my payment information? I bought a game for my son and can't remove my payment information so that it won't be accidently used. Everything I looked up is telling me to go under settings on the app but there is no set...

Pairing Failure

Spoiler (Highlight to read) The pairing between my Quest 2 and the phone app does not work.The wifi and bluetooth are on.I rebooted the headset, reinstalled the application, cleared all the applications cache of my phone, I made the google updates, m...

Norwegian keyboard in browser

I have recently bought a oculus quest 2, and I'm wondering if it's possible to get a norwegian keyboard in the browser.I can change the language of the headset itself to norwegian, but it seems as if I can't get a norwegian keyboard, wich is a bit an...

I cant turn on hand tracking

Hello guys, see for some reason i cant turn on hand tracking i go ahead turn it on and the controllers turn off and don't show anymore. But my hands are not showing on screen or neither making any contact. I have tried resetting, factory reset i have...


I dropped my controller about 3-3.5 feet and now when ever it vibrates it's a lot louder and more powerful than the other one (I dropped the right controller).

Blackscreen when touching the Vr

I have and issue when i try to adjust my headset, every time i touch it the screen goes black. The only solution I've found is to turn it off and wait 2/3 minutes and than turn it on. But there's still the problem that if I want to adjust the headset...


I need help!! My mic is not working good! People can barely hear me and I the mic volume is all the way up.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Quest 2 Left Controller Failure

My left controller started to vibrate uncontrollably during my time in Gorilla Tag VR, and i couldnt stop it. I decided to change the batterys, which did stop the vibrating. Downside, it never turned on again. I tried to manually pair it, replace bat...

Missing games

When i got on my oculus quest, i went on to find that there are no games in my quick menu, the shop wouldn't work, my profile is broken, and i can't do anything on my quest 2. please if anyone knows how to fix this issue, it would be highly appreciat...

Cant buy anything

all of the sudden i cant buy anything.saying try again for entering pin to puchase.Resetting pin didnt work as well.restart the device didnt work.this issue is happening to my wife’s device as well. any help please !

m.odlee by Level 2
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Hello so my oculus quest 2 left controller are keep drifting and I bought it like 6 moths ago and I want to know if you can replaced it with a new one.