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Vulkan Video very slow

I have a project with several video files that are played on a screen in game. The videos are 1280x720 H.264 MP4 with stereo sound. I'm using the Unreal engine and everything works perfectly when I build to ES3.1 but when I do a Vulkan build the fram...

Ham1ton by Level 4
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Dead pixels I think?

So I noticed the problem a while ago but I could never find any fixes other then replacing it so I just left it he but now it’s started to annoy me. there’s these sort of Yellow pixels in the top right corner of my screen and ion know how to fix it a...


I was was returning my virtual desktop app and it declined the transaction the reason I’m returning it is because I was using it to play a game and it didn’t work and it was telling to do all these steps and they didn’t work so I tried to return it t...

"Software Expansion Day"

Let's get Oculus to host a "Software Expansion Day", where we can buy, at a great discount, games we have purchased on other systems. For example, I own a Quest 2. I own Asgard's Wrath for my Rift. I also own Arizona Sunshine on Steam. On "Software E...

Oculus link problems

So a while ago my link cord spontaneously decided to devolve to just being a long charger and wouldn't work, so I got a new one and excited to play the new blade and sorcery update plugged it in. But here's the kick it doesn't work, it doesn't even p...

Quest 2 feedback loop.

Hey guys I just found a bug with the Oculus Quest 2 and I think it could be a pretty big deal. I was using the Steelseries Arctis 1 wireless with the usb-c adaptor plugged into the quests charging port. When I went to take it out and return to the bu...

Resolved! Quest 2 Oculus button quit

When I first started using my new Quest 2 and was playing a game the Oculus button would show me the “Home screen” and offer to quit or resume the game. This has stopped happening. Now I press and hold the button and othe Oculus logo redraws then not...

Oh no my controlar broke

I have accidently broken my right oculus quest 1 controller and the used ones on eBay are like 115 dollars and I wish I could buy the ones from oculus for 70$.Oculus if you could help me that would be nice.

da_pro by Level 2
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I’m trying to download blades and sorcery and it’s not working tell em to keep reinstalling it

Your PC is incompatible with this software.

So I've been trying to play the Minecraft VR from the Oculus Air Link and it dosen't work It gives me the "Your PC is incompatible with the Oculus Rift Software." everytime I try to launch a PC VR game from the Oculus app.My Specs:Processor Intel(R) ...

Tracking quest 2

Since 10/30, my headset refuses to accept any guardian. It continues to flash in and out of the tracking error, and back to 'create guardian.' It will let me set the floor level, but not draw the boundaries. I can set up a stationary one, but it flas...

Learning more

Hello, my name is Fernando Zamorano. I'm from Mexicali, Mexico.I'm studying right now Computer systems engineer on "Instituto Tecnológico".Now with all the information that Zuckerberg said about metaverse, I would like to learn more about it.You know...

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