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Oculus link application crash FIX

Hello everyone,I am sharing my experience with a problem some of you might have since the last update using the quest 2 with link.Yesterday my oculus application connected with link stopped working.The application would reboot over and over again as ...

Anti aliasing

Hi guys I'm new to all this vr stuff as its been a problem to ay in past due to cost cut now with the quest it's cheaper to jump in. My question is I find myst a great game but the edges of things all shimmer and move. I have been in touch with devs ...

Quest 2 HMD stuck on v25

I got my new Quest 2 yesterday and have been trying to figure out how to get this dumb thing to update. I tried every trick I found online (like the soft reset, factory reset, and leaving it on standby all night). From what I have found, I should be ...

Vrchat App on computer

I can use Vrchat on my Oculus 2 but when I go onto my app on the computer it says I have to install it. Even though I have already installed it, and it won't let me install it again. This means I cannot use Vrchat on my computer while using the link ...

Warranty and Replacements

My controller recently got drift even though I had been careful with it and put the oculus in the box when not using it. Oculus told me to do a factory reset, to which I did, and it did not fix the situation. Now my oculus data is totally gone, and I...

Oculus quest 2 blemishes in lens

line in lensdots in lens I have blemished in both lenses Oculus quest 2 about 6 months old. Any ideas - is this a faulty unit or what is causing this - Quest is obviously only used indoors. See pictures

lens1.jpg lens2.jpg
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Laptop optimization for usb-c link

I have always used my desktop for VR so far.Now that I have ordered HP Omen laptop with Ryzen 7 5800H + RTX 3070, I learned about the Nvidia Optimus that uses the internal GPU by default.Has anyone optimized their laptop with Nvidia graphics card to ...

Resolved! v29 not updating on my quest2

Computer App upgraded just fine. For the life of me, I can't get my Quest 2 headset to 'see' the new update, it is currently on v28. I have tried restarting it 4-5 times. Completely power it off, power back on - going to settings and 'check for new u...

Oculus Link Not Working

I purchased my Quest 2 a few days ago. Since then, I have purchased the Link Cable from Oculus. I cannot get it to stay connected for the life of me. I have followed the support tree, selected "deny" when prompted to enable data transfer because that...

Link cable not charging Quest 2?

Recently purchased a Quest 2 plus the genuine Oculus PC link cable. Very happy with the Quest 2, and what a fantastic upgrade from my old Rift CV1, which I managed to sell. Love the standalone feature. From others I have spoken to, the Oculus link ca...

Continual motion in rec room

Hi. My daughter's oculus 2 is continually drifting in rec room. She is 10 and autistic so this is now resulting in numerous meltdowns and behavioural issues. I have removed the controllers batteries, reset the controllers and still no good. Please he...

Black Screen

I have had my Oculus Quest for 2 weeks now. I was playing for about an hour, I put it down for 5 minutes and when I got back it had a black screen. I have tried turning it off and back on. Did not help. I have tried the factory reset, also did not wo...

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